Digital Manga rides with DriveThru Comics



Penetrating the US comic market, digitally! – Digital Manga rides with Drivethru Comics


Gardena, CA (July 25, 2012) Digital Manga Inc., one of the manga industry’s most unique and creative publishers, is proud to officially announce the release of their digital content through DriveThru Comics. After months of testing digital titles on the DriveThru platform, on what is primarily a US-comic-based digital ebook storefront, Digital Manga’s never-ending expansion on the digital forefront for the US comic market continues.


DriveThru Comics is the first one-stop, on-line download comic shop for new and vintage comic books. They carry titles from over 500 independent publishers, delivered fresh to a customer’s desktop in electronic format. They provide digital download files for purchase in a variety of formats such as watermarked PDFs, CBZs, ePubs, and Mobi files, as well as carrying audio, video and print format for customers also.


DriveThru Comics carries a number of digital titles from Digital Manga’s various imprints, including: DMP, Juné, 801 Media, and Digital Manga Guild. Digital Manga’s Hentai line of ebooks, from their DMG imprint, have been the most popular by far on this platform. Some of the DMG Hentai ebook titles include: Amorous Women of the Floating World: Sex in Old Tokyo vol.1-3, Lonely Madame, Mature Diaries, Real Sex Stories vol.1-3, Secret Lives of Housewives — just to name a few. They are priced at $12.99 and are available as watermarked PDF files. Register/ login, search by publishers: Digital Manga, and type in keyword “hentai” to view their full lineup. Or click the following link here: ( )

Amorous Women of the Floating World: Sex in Old Tokyo Vol. 1 (Hentai manga)

Amorous Women of the Floating World: Sex in Old Tokyo Vol. 1 (Hentai manga) Did you know that Japan in the 18th century was even more sexually permissive than it is today? This unique adult manga looks back on the sex culture of Edo, the city that became modern Tokyo, under the rule of the shoguns. Sex stores, wooden dildos, licensed prostitutes, “helper” women… they’re all here! After all, some human urges are universal…

Real Sex Stories Vol. 1 (Hentai manga)


 Real Sex Stories Vol. 1 (Hentai manga) The editorial department at LEED receives hundreds of sex stories from real couples, and 12 of the most unusual and exciting are reproduced here in manga form! Secrets too shameful to share with wives, husbands and friends are here laid bare to you to enjoy! Right, or oh so wrong… you be the judge.

Other titles from their imprints include: (DMG) Erementar Gerade, Backlight, Dolls Don’t Cry, Attack On A Tigher’s Whim; (DMP) Vampire Hunter D series, Let’s Draw Manga series, Moon & Blood; (Juné) Il Gatto Sul G vol.1-3, Author’s Pet, Maiden Rose vol.1-2, Seven Days; (801 Media) Maniac Shorts Shot, On Bended Knee, Black Sun vol.1-2. Most titles are priced at $7.95, but can range from $2.95 to $12.99. Register/ login, search by publishers: Digital Manga, to view their full lineup. Or click the following link here: ( )

Erementar Gerade Vol. 1 (manga)


 Erementar Gerade Vol. 1 (manga) : During a routine raid, sky pirate Coud Van Giruet discovers a most unusual bounty: Ren, an “Edel Raid,” is a living weapon who interacts with a human to become the ultimate fighting machine. But when Ren is captured by an evil Edel Raid dealer named Beazon, Coud quickly realizes that she is even more prized than he first thought.

Backlight (manga)


 Backlight (manga) : With his parents constantly fighting and his future uncertain, Suguru spends his high school days in discontent. He envies the carefree lifestyle of his friend Tomohiro, who lives alone and untethered, but even Tomohiro has his dark secrets. One summer night, the hidden passions and desperate desires of three teenagers threaten to change their worlds… permanently.

Dolls Don't Cry (manga)


 Dolls Don’t Cry (manga) : During a scuffle with some classmates, I fell from a bridge and found myself in a  medieval-like alternative world. It was a world where the only female sexual outlets for men are manufactured sex toys known as Dolls, and real women are rare, practically mythical beings prized for the basest of reasons.

Il Gatto Sul G Vol. 1 (yaoi manga)


 Il Gatto Sul G Vol. 1 (yaoi manga) : Atsushi Ikeda is your typical “nice guy.” He’s so nice, he even has this habit of bringing stray cats home. But even he is quite unprepared for what turns up at his doorstep one day…a cut and bloodied young man. The injured boy turns out to be famous violinist, Riya Narukawa. Seeing the frail Riya arouses Atsushi’s compassion for wounded creatures.

Black Sun 1 (yaoi manga)


 Black Sun 1 (yaoi manga) : Gerun Fortress – a coastal stronghold along the Mediterranean Sea. Here, two-hundred Monastic Knights make their final stand against a league of 20,000 Middle Eastern soldiers led by General Jamal Jan. Called “beardless” by some, “shameless” by others, Jamal soon seizes the castle and its acting commander, Prince Leonard de Limbourg.


Running red lights and speeding on through, Digital Manga, Inc. knows no limits as it makes its way to the eyes of the US digital comic market. With over 100 titles now available on DriveThru Comics, with more to follow in the coming weeks and months, Digital Manga has all gears revering up to revolutionize your digital library.

Visit and check out Digital Manga’s Publishers page here: )


About Digital Manga, Inc.
Located in Gardena, CA, Digital Manga, Inc. is one of the industry’s most unconventional and innovative companies, specializing in building corporate and cultural bridges from Japan to the West – specifically through the licensing, importation and localization of anime (Japanese animation), manga (Japanese comic books) and related merchandise for North America’s mainstream and niche markets. In this capacity, DMI serves as a catalyst for the spread of Japanese pop culture institutions into the global arena through various distribution channels such as,, and (its online ecommerce retail sites), DMD Direct (its wholesale division, catering to wholesale and retail business partners), Pop Japan Travel (its premiere provider of pop culture tours), (its online storefront for digital content) and Digital Manga Publishing (its main publishing division for print and digital publications).  The company’s imprint lines include DMP (its mainstream imprint), DMP PLATINUM (its classic manga imprint), JUNE´ (its boys love imprint), 801 MEDIA (its adult boys love imprint), DokiDoki (its exclusive co-publishing imprint with Shinshokan Publishing), DH/DMP (a co-publishing venture with Dark Horse Comics), Project-H (its Seinen Hentai manga imprint), and DMG (its groundbreaking digital distribution initiative).

For more information about Digital Manga Publishing, visit as well as:

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