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Free weekly productHolmes Incorporated #1
by Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Bootcamp

The game is afoot, and a leg and a fist! The descendants of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson continue the family business in modern times, serving Queen and country, battling diabolical villains and solving the big mysteries no one else dares to confront as agents of HOLMES INCORPORATED!

Holmes Incorporated, the Holmes Incorporated logo, and the likeness of the characters are TM Ty Templeton. These collected anthology packages are © 2010, © 2011, and © 2012 TY TEMPLETON’S COMIC BOOK BOOTCAMP, with each story ©2010, ©2011, and ©2012 the respective creators. All rights reserved.

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleHeavy Metal Presents The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Helldiver, Book 1
by Heavy Metal

The End is Here- Welcome to the Apocalypse!

Raised by the Order of Solomon, Adam Cahill is one of a rare handful of highly trained warriors bound by bloodline to guard the Seven Holy Seals that contain the End of Days. But ageless forces have conspired towards a prophetic event foretold by numerous cultures and multiple religions, and when that cryptic date arrives, they strike against the order without mercy!

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is a dark, gritty, action – horror story inspired by the biblical tale of Armageddon. In addition to the works of Simon Bisley, the series will feature additional art by the late Stan Winston, Tim Bradstreet, Chad Fidler, and Dave DeVries, and script written by co-writers Mike Kennedy and Sean Jaffe.


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Featured TitleEldritch! #6
by Heart-Shaped-Skull

Chapter Six: MONSTERS.

Owen Sobczek is King of the Monsters. He’s got one rival’s head in his claws and another locked inside a living Amazonian straight-jacket. But before the new king can spread his writhing black infection to the rest of the world, there’s just one more battle to fight in the SEARING CONCLUSION to the ELDRITCH! saga!Visit the ELDRITCH! site for further nightmare gathering.


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Featured TitleAlpha Gods: Betrayal #4
by Orang Utan Comics

In the year 2086 humanity faces a new threat, Extra Humans. The government is struggling to cope with the growing number of mutants, aliens and supernatural beings who are living amongst us. People are beginning to panic and so, in 2050, the Department for Extra Human Affairs was established with a remit to try and contain the problem. By 2086 the situation has escalated, so they have formed a new rapid response strike force, the Alpha Gods. Who better to police the Extra Human community than Extra Humans themselves?

The Alpha Gods take on The Guardians of the New Humanity, a rogue group of Extra Humans fighting against human oppression. Unknown to them, the DEHA have a secret agent working undercover within the group. What will happen when the two groups come face to face in a struggle for the future of their people?

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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekDarkness Rebirth Volume 1
by Top Cow



Hot on the heels of THE DARKNESS II video game release, this introductory-priced volume welcomes the new creative team of DAVID HINE (THE DARKNESS: FOUR HORSEMEN, THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN, Detective Comics) and JEREMY HAUN (ARTIFACTS, Detective Comics)! On the surface, Jackie Estacado has everything he ever wanted – control of the Darkness, a successful career, and happy family life. Only his desire to make his life truly perfect will be his undoing. What will Jackie do when everything begins to slip away?

Featuring a complete cover gallery alongside a host of bonus content and extras, this entry-level priced collection is a must for anyone curious about Top Cow’s REBIRTH!

Collects THE DARKNESS #101-105

The Darkness created by Marc Silvestri, Garth Ennis, and David Wohl.

$9.99 $5.99

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Newest Free Products

Hammer Comics Presents:
by Hammer Comics

Hamilton’s newest and edgiest new comedy and comic book themed zine! Awesome humor, funny articles, comic strips and more! Enjoy the laughs!

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #457–Justice League and Tekken Forever
by Secret Identity

Download Location of the Week: Baltimore, MD Feedback ReviewsJustice League #12Amazing Spider-Man #692 (Part 1)Scam #1Amazing Spider-Man #692 (Parts 2-3)National Comics: Looker Out of the LongboxTekken Forever #1 Send comments to…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #456–My Monster and Superman
by Secret Identity

Newsdesk:ComicCONN RecapRemembering Joe KubertRob Liefeld leaves DCNew 52 One Year LaterBluewater leaves Diamond Reviews:My MonsterSuperman #12 Summer Watching Project: Brisco County Jr.Showdown Creator Spotlight: Mike ValadeThe creator of My Monster s…



Newest Products

Ftl #6
by Orang Utan Comics
Price: $0.99

FTL returns from hiatus with a new look and new crop of the finest short stories from the UK indie scene, all under the watchful eye of new editor, David Wynne. Stop off at a motel with a creepy secret in The Man in Room Four; join a nightmare game of car…

Chopper #1
by Asylum Press
Price: $1.99

Written by screenwriter Martin Shapiro and drawn by acclaimed Dark Horse artist Juan Ferreyra (Falling Skies, Rex Mundi), Chopper is a modern-day reimagining of the headless horseman of Sleepy Hollow fame. After taking a strange new drug wi…

Dtox #1
by Asylum Press
Price: $1.99

In a post-Armageddon future, a lone biohazard warrior fights to cleanse the earth of a rising toxic mutant population.  Killvixen, a knife-wielding femme fatale, soon joins him.  Together, armed with the mobile arsenal code-named DTANK, they tra…

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