Preview: Geek Girl – “With Great Glasses Comes Great Klutziness!”

Cult favorite Geek-Girl gets a new website and new Variant and Digital Editions of her #0 issue from Actuality Press!

After hopelessly crushing on waitress Mariella Sandbach for months, brainiac college geek Trevor Goldstein has come up with a way to give him the edge over Mariella’s boyfriend and finally win her over; he’s invented super-tech glasses that will make him into a super-hero – and Mariella’s gonna swoon into his arms, ‘cos, “Who wouldn’t, right?”

At least… that’s the plan…
The specs wind up in the scheming hands of hot, popular college chick Ruby Kaye. “Ruby is used to getting anything she wants, and when she hears about Trevor’s glasses, they become this week’s ‘must have,’” says creator/writer Sam Johnson (The Almighties, Cabra Cini: Voodoo Junkie Hitwoman). “Manipulating Trevor and his buddy Jeff by their libidos gets them into her hands quite easily – but she’s gonna get a LOT more than she bargained for.”

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Johnson continues, “The glasses are the latest in a line of Trevor’s attempts to make superpower-endowing specs, but though he believes this one to be successful, while the glasses do grant Ruby super-strength and flight powers, there’s a glitch in them: causing them to mess with Ruby’s brainwaves and make her super-klutzy!
“Her cooler-than-thou clique are none too impressed with the effects the glasses have on Ms. Kaye…” says Johnson. “As Ruby, she hangs with the Maine in-crowd, is top of the party-invite list, and has guys queuing up. As Geek-Girl… not so much.” So on the surface of it, the glasses might not seem like exactly the best thing to happen to Ruby – but ‘klutziness’ is just the beginning of the effects the glasses will wreak on Ms. Kaye…

“With Great Glasses must also come Great Responsibility,” Johnson continues; “Geek-Girl is going to find herself smack bang in the middle of Maine’s tights ‘n’ capes scene in a way that she’s really not ready for. Both Super-villains and super-heroes will have significant roles to play in the mini-series that Geek-Girl #0 sets up, and the bizarre villain Mr. Mash-Up [who’s introduced in the issue] has a way to hit Geek-Girl very close to home – right where it hurts!
“However,” Johnson continues, “How Ruby adapts to her new-found powers and their clique-alienating effects just might be the making of her.”
Geek-Girl #0, written by Sam Johnson, illustrated by Sally Stone-Thompson and published by Actuality Press is available now in $2.50 Regular and Variant Editions, and $1.00 Digital Edition at

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