The Latest From comiXology Submit – 6/12/13


Comixology have released a list of digital comics available from their Comixology Submit scheme:


Accelerate #1
Written By Richard Kadrey
Drawn By Pander Brothers
Pages: 32, SRP: $1.99

In futuristic L.A. where neo-tribes inhabit the urban sprawl, a reluctant leader named Marne is warned that a “Black Network” inside the LAPD is hunting down tribal leaders and she’s next on the list! When Marne discovers a secret dimension that can be accessed by a drug called Accelerate, she decides take on her enemies to save her tribe. Written by novelist Richard Kadrey (Sandman Slim series, Butcher Bird), Illustrated by the Pander Brothers (Grendel, Secret Broadcast, Triple-X International).

Written By Jon Proctor
Drawn By Chris Hinz
Pages: 133, SRP: $3.99

Binary the graphic novel is based on Christopher Hinz’s novel, Liege-Killer, which won the Compton Crook Award in 1988, and has garnered a cult following. Liege-Killer is part of a trilogy, which includes Ash Ock and The Paratwa. In Liege-Killer, human experimentation on human embryos in the near future produced a new species: the Paratwa, a single consciousness occupying telepathically linked bodies. The Paratwa are highly skilled warriors but look like normal people and are not necessarily identical twins, and can even be a pair of male and female. The books follow the activities of humans and Paratwa as these old enemies are reunited more than a century after the earth’s apocalypse during which humans had thought the Paratwa race had become extinct.

Black Hole Cafe #1
Written & Drawn By Tony Foster
Pages: 23, SRP: $0.99

Simon has been trained with the skill of crossing into alternate realities at will. After Simon has a vision of the multiverse being destroyed, he seeks out the help of his friend Ethan, a man with the ability to turn into a magical rabbit named Kole. Together they hope to find the source of the vision before it’s too late.

Blood Blokes #2
Written & Drawn By Adam Cadwell
Pages: 28, SRP: $2.99

The second issue of Adam Cadwell’s acclaimed slacker-vampire series introduces Mike, Douglas and Arianna, three vampires who spend most of their time arguing about the blood buying rota until Mike witnesses a strange death on New Year’s Eve which leads them all into even weirder territory.

Bludgeon #1
Written & Drawn By Jeremy Owen
Pages: 30, SRP: $2.99

Our hero has been searching Albuquerque for a couple of months now without any luck. But tonight, his luck changes. The question is… was it for better, or worse?

The Holy Numbers #2
Written & Drawn By Tommie Kelly
Pages: 31, SRP: $1.99

The Garda investigate the murders at the Holy Numbers centre and discover a link to a previous murder. Raymond Nolan gets very bad news but continues on his hunt for the truth.

The Kitchen Witch #1
Written By Steve Orlando
Drawn By Olivia Pelaez
Pages: 27, SRP: $0.99

The Kitchen Witch is for every boy who idolizes his dad.
Kevin can’t wait to see his dad’s new restaurant- Traddiodad. The night before the opening, he sneaks down to the kitchen, and enters the fantastic world within its walls. There, the Gremlin Lord has stolen his secret family ingredient. To get it back, Kevin and Lovis, the Kitchen Witch, battle their way through towering mouse beasts, bacteria bandits, and fruit flywaymen. Kevin wants to make his dad proud, but the ingredient is a secret, even to him. Lovis and the Gremlin Lord stalemate in the Hanging Cast-Iron Islands, but Kevin discovers the truth of the secret ingredient and banishes the Gremlin Lord. Through his adventure, Kevin finds true treasure- a connection with his dad.

The Kitchen Witch #2
Written By Steve Orlando
Drawn By Olivia Pelaez
Pages: 27, SRP: $1.99

The adventures of Kevin and Lovis, the kitchen witch continue! After being sucked into the magical world within his father’s Manhattan kitchen, Kevin comes face to face with an army of beasts, all hunting for the same treasure: his secret family ingredient. If the roach monsters, ravenous silverfish, and gremlin commandoes don’t get them, the whole mission could be ruined by Lovis’s secret history with the gremlin king himself!

The Kitchen Witch #3
Written By Steve Orlando
Drawn By Olivia Pelaez
Pages: 25, SRP: $1.99

An unlikely ally joins the quest to recapture Kevin Gordon’s family ingredient! Lovis captured! Kevin marooned in the garbage wastes! The gremlin king victorious? With the chips down, Kevin has a different treasure to rescue: his new friend! It’s an all out dash through the skies to snatch back Lovis and the ingredient. But what is the secret ingredient anyway?

The Kitchen Witch #4
Written By Steve Orlando
Drawn By Olivia Pelaez
Pages: 27, SRP: $1.99

The race to reclaim Kevin’s secret family ingredient continues! The gremlin king could’ve gotten away clean, if not for his own vanity. Now it’s speedboats versus galleons on the high seas, with the fate of Kevin’s restaurant in the balance! And for one adventurer, the mission may be over!

The Man Called A-X #8: Self-Discovery
Written By Marv Wolfman
Drawn By Shawn McManus
Pages: 23, SRP: $0.99

The Cadre and their army of cyborgs have taken over the world within hours of starting their assault. With the government gone and an endless horde of cyborgs roaming the street, can The Man Called A-X and his friends survive the apocalypse?

Moth City #3
Written & Drawn By Tim Gibson
SRP: $1.99

“A brilliantly executed, trilling adventure comic…” Alex De Campi. McCaw closes in on the truth as Glitter’s attempts to escape Moth City lead her into dangerous company, the city’s communist underbelly is revealed, and the Nationalists take extreme measures to keep the bizarre effects of the weapon contained.

The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles #0
Written By Ben Avery, Casey Heying
Drawn By Casey Heying
Pages: 13, SRP: $0.99

The Wicked Witch puts her plans in motion, as the Gnome King makes his way to Wonderland. Jack Pumpkinhead is sent from the Oz resistance to stop the Gnome King, but he may be to late. Meanwhile Alice (from Wonderland) and her roommates have no idea their lives are about to change forever.

Short Hand #1
Written By Jason McNamara
Drawn By Rahsan Ekedal
Pages: 25, SRP: $1.99

Oscar is an 80 year old, retired detective who longs to return to his former career. When he disappears, Deputy Woods investigates Oscar’s past and discovers he is not the man he appears to be.

Swords #1
Written By Attila Nemeskéri
Drawn By Gergely Devenyi, Tibor Szendrei
Pages: 31, SRP: $0.99

In the kingdom of Londeron, a mysterious plague started to sweep through the land. The Council of the Order sends out an emissary to prevent the spread of the disease. Due to an unexpected event, the emissary falls into a well-planned trap. The long-dreaded witch now possessing the emissary’s body pulls a mask of deceit on herself. She is not alone… driven by their own hidden motive, spawns of darkness join her to make the worst nightmares of the Order come true. There is no running away from the cruel and bloodthirsty plan. The race is about the begin…

Written By Geoffrey D. Wessel
Drawn By Zach Bassett
Pages: 27, SRP: $0.99

Officer Josiah Bledsoe is one of the toughest cops in the Department of Adjudication. But his limits will be tested with the return to Earth of the Star Corps traitor who ruined his dreams, and is now the right hand of the dreaded Nebula Empire! Be here for the TAKEDOWN of a lifetime!

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