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DriveThruComics have released their latest comics available to download directly as PDF’s from their store.

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Artists! F+W Media has a number of new eBooks just for you! Among them are Shojo Fashion Manga Art SchoolThe Big Book of Realistic Drawing Secrets, and Dracopedia: The Bestiary!


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Free weekly productAction Lab Confidential
by Action Lab Entertainment

Everything you want to know about Action Lab Entertainment’s line of comic books can be found in Action Lab Confidential!

This 200+ page comic has extended previews as well as in-depth interviews with the creators and artists of such titles as Princeless, Double Jumpers, Jack Hammer, Jetta: Tales of the Toshigawa, Fracture, Space-Time Condominium, GlobWorld, Monsters Are Just Like Us, Exo-1 and the Rocksolid Steelbots, Back In The Day, and Snowed In!

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleN•Guard Trade
by AAM Markosia

While on a fieldtrip to the renowned Stones of Nature, four friends, Boon, Kat Nipp, Klondike and Quickstep find themselves drawn into an ageless conflict between Mother Nature and the tyrannical Spidersect Empire.

Destined to become Nature’s next champions, bestowed with power from the Elemental Stones, their lives are about to change, forever.

$15.99 $3.99

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Featured TitlePower of the Valkyrie Trade
by Blue Water Productions

Suzanne Bancroft is going to die, and the end of the world will be her fault. A relentless demi-god has declared he will murder Suzanne and her death will begin a chain of events culminating in Ragnarok.

While still trying to understand her new role as the Valkyrie, Suzanne must seek the true nature of fate and ask herself a hard question: how do you fight a battle you’re destined to lose?

Collects #1 – #4

$14.99 $5.99

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Featured TitleGraphic Novels and Comics in the Classroom
by McFarland

Sequential art combines the visual and the narrative in a way that readers have to interpret the images with the writing. Comics make a good fit with education because students are using a format that provides active engagement.

This collection of essays is a wide-ranging look at current practices using comics and graphic novels in educational settings, from elementary schools through college. The contributors cover history, gender, the use of specific graphic novels, practical application and educational theory.

$45.00 $12.99

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Twilight Lady

Twilight Lady: The Way of the Ghost #3

The Nameless Lady in the Hood comes to the aid of a fugitive from beyond accused of breaking a sacred law – forcing her into a confrontation with manhunters who will stop at nothing to apprehend their quarry!

Twilight Lady is a supernatural saga about a demon-slaying troubadour, the cult she inspires, and the enemies she makes… in this life and the next.


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Think Tank #8

Think Tank #8

Accountability isn’t something Dr. David Loren worried about before. Sheltered behind the manned concrete perimeter of CED, so long as he continued to fulfill his contractual obligation to create inventions of destruction, David never had to think twice about being an arrogant jerk.

But right now, David is on the wrong side of the military’s good graces. And accountability is a bitch.


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VooDoo Mansion

Lori Lovecraft’s Voodoo Mansion #1

From the pages of LORI LOVECRAFT comes the mystery noir comic VOODOO MANSION. Enter the wacky and whimsical world of Horation and Zelda. She was a microbiologist in need of a subject. He was a corpse in need of a life. They met on the coroner’s slab, and out of this weird science project an epic romance was born.

A dose of her serum and an ounce of his charm go a long way when you’re caretakers at the world’s strangest crossroads.  It’s a place where 2 + 2 isn’t always 4…where darkness falls at noon and the sun rises at midnight… where the old can be young and the dead, alive…everybody plays at Zombie love…everyone’s got a doorway to Voodoo Mansion.

Zombies…mummies…librarians and street vendors…who knows what’s behind that doorway. It’s worth opening to find out.


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekWitchblade Rebirth Volume 3
by Top Cow


Sara Pezzini moved to Chicago and started a new life as a private investigator to escape her past in New York. But instead of getting settled into her new career, Sara has felt like she has been running in circles chasing ghosts… or, is it the ghosts that have been chasing her? Sara will have to contend against mercenaries, gangsters, and power hungry leprechauns, all while suffering the drudgeries of trying to stay profitable. Maybe black cats really do bring quantifiable amounts of bad luck.Collects WITCHBLADE 161-165

Witchblade created by Marc Silvestri, David Wohl, Brian Haberlin, and Michael Turner.

$16.99 $7.99

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Versus Volume 1


Newest Free Products

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #530–X-Files and Journey Into Mystery
by Secret Identity

Download Location of the Week: Hartford, CT Reviews:Journey Into Mystery #652X-Files: Season 10 #1Wild Blue Yonder #1The Flash #20Classics Obliterated: Mars Attacks Summer Reading Project:Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron #8 Send comments to sipodcast@c…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #529–Batman and Eric Moran
by Secret Identity

NewsAlbany Comic Con recap ReviewsThe Endling #1Batman #21 SI DiscussionGetting Rid of Single-Issue Print Comics Summer Watching ProjectEureka–Blink Creator Spotlight: Eric “The Smoke” MoranBrian caught up with the wrestler, actor and cos…

One-Man Preview
by Warrior Innkeeper Comics

Some would say Johnny August is a man blessed with amazing abilities.  He can heal the sick and wounded, he can fly, and he can fight… but Johnny see’s his powers more of a curse than anything else.  For five years he has been on the run. &nbs…



Newest Products

Treasure Chest
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $5.99

Bluewater brings back the classic comic book series that started in 1946. Its inspirational stories of sports and folk heroes, saints, school kids, history, science and similar topics were drawn by artists that included such prominent figures as EC’s Reed…

Victoria’s Secret Service: Nemesis Rising Gallery
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $1.99

The sexy women of VSS are back in this new gallery book! Check out tons of old and new images of Lark, Raven, Brooke, and Scarlet! This special edition has never before seen images and character designs from the series. Note: Intended for readers 15+

Art of the Gods
by Carnal Comics
Price: $1.99

A full-color collection of art and and images from the City of the Gods fantasy series.  Artist Steve Crompton reveals many never before seen color images from the fantasy series, along with behind-the scenes commentary on how he takes classic works …

Eleventh Hour V1 #2
by AAM Markosia
Price: $0.99

What goes on in the minds of the hottest rising talent in comics? A schoolgirl haunted by demons, vampire chicks on motorbikes and retired superheroes are just some of the things you can expect in this anthology. Eleventh Hour features exciting new creat…

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