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To celebrate Bonfire Night, Eco Comics has announced that Guy Fawkes is joining its roster of comic books and graphic novel stars.

Guy Fawkes has always been held as the public face of the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605. His effigy is still burned every year across England on Bonfire Night, Fifth of November to commemorate the failure of the plot.

This legendary character, with almost unrivalled longevity, will make his comic book debut in the publisher’s upcoming series, Englishman. He will then go on to star in his own title.


Writer Chris Bunting explains: “The predictable approach for a writer in today’s climate would be to portray Guy Fawkes as a terrorist.

“He is as complicated as he is extreme. He’s not a dastardly villain twirling his moustache, but nor is he a hero in the traditional sense – even though he may consider himself to be.

“What Guy has in mind is a plot of epic proportions. Which for an expert in explosives can only spell big trouble.”

The character joins other famous faces at the award-winning ‘green’ publisher such as Robin Hood, Dick Turpin, Englishman, Dracula, Mr. T, Frankenstein, and official mascot, the Green Man.

Exclusive Guy Fawkes preview art is available on and

The launch date for the paperless comic book series, Englishman, featuring Guy Fawkes, is set to be announced soon.

      Guy Fawkes may have ended up as the national bogeyman, but he and his collaborators almost changed the course of English history. These religious extremists had stacked up thirty-six barrels of gunpowder in the cellar beneath where the king would have been sitting the next day for the opening of Parliament. Fawkes was to ignite the explosive, but was foiled with only hours to go. As a result, even today, the Yeomen of the Guard search the cellars of the Palace of Westminster before the State Opening of Parliament to ensure that there is no repeat of events. Bonfire Night is also commonly referred to as Guy Fawkes Night.
    The award-winning comic book and graphic novel publishing arm of Mohawk Media is committed to producing the most environmentally-friendly and entertaining stories possible. All titles are digital and are of top print quality, yet remain exclusively paperless. Eco Comics recently featured on national television (Channel 4), and is winner of a 2012-2013 Green Apple Award. Some of the publisher’s green titles include Tough Guy; Dracula vs. Robin Hood vs. Jekyll & Hyde; and official mascot of Eco Comics, the Green Man. Further information:
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