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Drivethrucomics have released this weeks digital comics available online for you to download!



Airship Entertainment, of Girl Genius fame, has just added one of Phil Folgio’s other popular characters. Follow the adventures of Buck Godot in Zap Gun For Hire Volume One andVolume Two today!

Rebellion, publishers of the Judge Dredd and Slaine comics, also dabble in fiction and have added a number of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror eBooks over on! Here are just a few of the exciting additions to Rebellion’s eBook line-up:


Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productTrigger Men #1: Killing the Elderly
by Triptych Books

Trigger Men is a dark comedy that follows the lives of two hitmen, Matt Whit and Jason McCarty as they navigate the absurd world of contract killing.

Jason is hired to kill a dangerous target and very quickly realizes that he’s in over his head. He convinces Matt to come out of retirement and help him with one last job. Before they know it the “one last job” has become a dash to save their own lives.

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Other Featured Titles

Featured Title10th Muse: The Return
by Blue Water Productions

Welcome to a new collected edition featuring the 10th Muse.

The Muse is back and things have not gotten any easier on Mount Olympus. In fact, the future of the entire Greek Pantheon teeters on the brink of extinction.

The gods look to Emma Sonnett, the Tenth Muse, to restore their glory and preserve the old ways. But before they can fix this divine rift, the Muse and Ares, the god of war, must find out the cause of this Olympian cancer. And when Olympus finally falls, the world itself is poised to suffer. This edition features a bunch of extra images never before seen!

$15.99 $5.99

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Featured TitleJudge Dredd: When Judges Go Bad
by Rebellion Publishing Ltd

IT TAKES A SPECIAL KIND OF COP TO POLICE THE NIGHTMARISH STREETS OF MEGA-CITY ONE – a violent post-apocalyptic city built on top of North America’s old East Coast.

An army of future lawmen, wielding the powers of judge, jury and executioner now keep order in this crime-ridden place. Known as the ‘Judges’, most of these men and women serve as the ultimate law enforces – beyond reproach and resistant to corruption, they are the best the world has ever seen. But there’s always one or two who succumb to lawless behaviour and with years of intense training and experience to draw upon, these Judges are the most dangerous individuals on the planet!

This collection includes stories about those Judges too corrupt to uphold the law!

$19.99 $9.99

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Featured TitleEvil Inc Monthly: Change Partners (Dec. 2013)
by Evil Inc comics

Evil Inc Monthly is a pre-release of all of the Evil Inc strips scheduled for the upcoming month — plus a special bonus feature created from the archive of the comic. Evil Inc is a corporation run for super-villains by super-villains.

The December Evil Inc comic is 36 pages, and it concludes the storyline in which a love-drugged Elastic man proposes to Desdemona (who accepts!). Next, Oliver tries to find out if he’s on Santa’s Naughty List. Again. Finally… in the bonus feature, Tales from the Evil Inc Archive, you get a special excerpt from one of the Evil Inc graphic novels — all of which were recently released in digital format!Plus, a special bonus Tales from the Evil Inc Archive takes us back to the Nemmy Awards in which the origin story of Evil Atom is told. Then it continues with the best appearances by Evil Atom’s Vulture Lodge cronies, the Ghost Board.


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Vampire Hunter D 7Vampire Hunter D Vol. 7 (manga)

In a fleeting last breath, a beautiful woman on her deathbed hands a strange gemstone to D and asks that he deliver it to her sister in a remote North Sea fishing village.

As D cuts across never-ending expanses of Frontier in search of his seaside destination, he is relentlessly attacked by wave after wave of mercenary and monster…all employed by the man who murdered the young girl.

In order to grant a dying wish, D must find a way to keep this priceless jewel out of everyone’s covetous reach, and all without sacrificing his own life!


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Artifacts #32Artifacts #32

Tom Judge is no stranger to Hell and the horrors it conjures. In his effort to redeem Jackie Estacado’s accursed soul, he finds something much more surprising.

But what he won’t find represents and even darker omen.

Written by Ron Marz, with Art by Chan-Hyuk Lee and Stjepan Sejic.


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Bundle of Trouble #15KoDT: Bundle of Trouble vol. 15

Hoody hoo! This perfectbound trade paperback contains all four issues worth of classic strips from Knights of the Dinner Table #46 to #49 crammed between two covers, as well as bonus material!

It’s always a great time to pick up these hysterically funny strips, so don’t miss out on this incredible addition to any gamer’s virtual bookshelf!

Cover Artist: George Vrbanic
Writer/Artist: Jolly Blackburn and various


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GEP Volume 1GEP Pulp Volume 1

This volume collects the first 8 issues of the anthology series, GEP Pulp. A common theme runs through these stories: Horror. 
From an alien curse to a sinister Santa Claus. There is also an angel in Hell, a little girl versus a troll, and a mother caring for her deformed baby. 

Series overview:

GEP Pulp (Gojo Entertainment Presents Pulp) is an anthology comic book series. Each issue contains one or more short stories. The stories are all fiction and include action, adventure, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, crime, drama and super heroes.

Your all-in-one entertainment comic book.


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Whip Angels 1Whip Angels Volume 1

On the flat track of destiny, one good jam can mean the difference between heaven and hell!  What happens when we die?

That is one of the oldest questions ever asked.  …What happens when someone seemingly unimportant dies?  That may be a more important questions.

Find out the answer in Whip Angels, volume 1: Passing the Star!


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekA Voice in the Dark #1
by Top Cow


It’s been 72 days since Zoey killed someone. With her recent move to college, Zoey is eager to start a fresh chapter of her life — one where she can control her dark urges the way she has before.

But when she becomes the host of a late-night campus radio show, Zoey must consider if she has given a voice to something far more troubled than her anonymous callers.


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Secret Identity Podcast Issue #562–Clown Fatale and Scarlet Spider
by Secret Identity

Download Location of the Week: New York, NY Get Our Books:Lovecraft’s Curse: the King in Manowar: Centurion:

Stories From Beyond Sleep
by Clockwork Goat Comics


Secret Identity Podcast Issue #561–Imagine Agents and Doctor Who
by Secret Identity

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Newest Products

A Christmas Carol
by AAM Markosia
Price: $12.99 $2.39

From Stephen L. Stern, writer o f Markosia’s masterful Beowulf Graphic Novel, and acclaimed artist Douglas A. Sirois, comes this superb full-color adaptation of Dickens’ timeless classic. Sacrificing none of Dickens’ rich language and fi…

Think Tank #11
by Top Cow
Price: $3.99 $1.99

“OUTBREAK,” Part ThreeWorld War III is immin ent! And the only person stepping forward to prevent it is the slacker genius Dr. David Loren! Can a lab rat who has never even fired a handgun stop a weapon of mass destruction?

10th Muse: Giant-Sized
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $5.95 $2.99

The Muse is DEAD! Long live the Muse! Or so say the headlines. But like any good reporter sometimes the best news is the news you make happen. For years, the 10th Muse has fought a variety of evil in the name of justice, but she has never battled the me…

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From Rebellion comes the last in this mini-series. This is Hawk The Slayer #5. UK and DIGITAL: 10 August £3.99 NORTH AMERICA: TBC $6.50 DIAMOND: TBC Don’t miss the all new comic-book sequel to the classic eighties fantasy […]

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