Pat Mills “Requiem Vampire Knight” continues on Comixology –

MillsversePat Mills new e-comic publishing imprint – has just released Requiem Vampire Knight Volume 4: Vampires Ball on Comixology.

In this fourth digital volume of the stunning story drawn by Olivier Ledroit, first published in print in France by Nickel Editions, Black Sabbat (Aleister Crowley on Earth) visits the Arch Hierophant at the Great Pyramid of the Archeologists to plot their imminent coup against Count Dracula. As the Arch Hierophant ‘dresses for dinner’, his eccentricity – even on such a twisted planet as Resurrection –impresses Black Sabbat: “I see now why people say you make their skin crawl.”

Meanwhile, Torquemada the Werewolf is trying to bury Requiem like a bone (so he can eat him later) and Kobold the Dwarf is almost seized and destroyed as an illegal object at the Necropolis Space Port Customs house. Count Dracula, unaware of the conspiracy against him, celebrates another victory on the battlefield by holding the most opulent and hedonistic event of the year: The Vampires Ball.

“This volume features one of my favourite scenes,” says Pat, who will be a guest at this year’s Dundee Comics Day and who will be on a panel at The Musée de la Grande Guerre du Pays de Meaux, France, on 16th October, a  talk which kicks off an exhibition of original “Charley’s War” artwork alongside artefacts from World War One.

“The world [is] turned inside-out, so where there is land on Earth, there is sea on Resurrection; and where there is sea on Earth, there is land on Resurrection. There’s another view of the spectacular Resurrection globe in the gallery at the end of the volume.

“It was an idea I’d dreamed up in childhood and I know it was inspired by my boyhood discovery that nothing is what it seems or what we are taught, that people who claim to be good are often bad, and ideas and practices that are supposedly bad are actually good, and so on. In short, I had discovered that life is ‘inside-out’.”

This latest digital release on Comixology continues to wow, with fully painted artwork from Olivier Ledroit, and all the crazy, twisted, satirical humour you’d expect from Pat Mills. This digital edition also featuring bonus material never before published in English: Resurrection Incognita – an eight-page gallery featuring the weird and wonderful denizens of the hell planet Resurrection.

• Check out all the Millsverse releases so far, including PSYCHOKILLER from Toxic!, at

via Pat Mills “Requiem Vampire Knight” continues on Comixology.

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