Marvel Digital Unlimited: Other Worlds & More

Marvel Comics have released this weeks digital comics available on their digital streaming service.

Marvel:Other Worlds!
Universes collide when Spider-Verse swings into high gear this month. In honor of this multiverse spanning event, Marvel Unlimited is taking a look at the road less traveled in these alternate Marvel realities!
Hulk: Future Imperfect #1
Dec 10, 1992
The Maestro
The Hulk travels to the future, where his future-self become a dangerous monarch known as Maestro.
Fantastic Four #553
Jan 30, 2008
The Fantastic Four team up with…themselves?! Yes, you heard it right. The FF of the present day and the FF of the future join forces to take down Doom!
Captain America Corps #1
Jun 15, 2011
Five Americas
U.S. Agent. American Dream. Commander A. And two Captain Americas! These patriotic heroes must come together from across time and space to face a threat that is too big to handle for each hero alone!
Spider-Men #1
Jun 13, 2012
Peter & Miles
Peter Parker and Ultimate Universe Spider-Man Miles Morales join forces to take down Ultimate Mysterio! But Ol’ Fishbowl’s got more than a couple tricks in store for the Spider-Men!

New Releases This Week

All-New X-Factor #7
Amazing Spider-Man #1.1
Black Widow #6
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