Previews: The Dark, Terror & The Creators

The Dark #2, Terror #1 & The Creators #1


Alterna Comics have three upcoming digital comics coming out – two for Halloween and one for #IndieComicThursday

Alterna has three new releases this week on special release dates.

THE DARK #2 and TERROR #1 are releasing Halloween morning on October 31st, available only on comiXology.

THE CREATORS debuts with issue #1 on the first official #IndieComicThursday – November 3rd.

“Indie Comic Thursday” is an initiative created by Alterna to signify a new release day for their digital comic book titles on comiXology.  The initiative was created in an effort to release new indie comic books on a less cluttered day (generally Wednesday is the release day for 90% of publishers, largely known as “New Comic Book Day”).


$0.99, 13 pgs, BW, Mature Readers, Horror
Digital Comic
(A) Kelly Williams
(W) Matt Harvey
Molly McManus, her son Patrick and his baby girl Moya, travel through a treacherous mountain pass in search of a healer. New to America and leaving behind family secrets in their home of Ireland, they quickly find out that they’ve brought much more with them than the burden of a sick child.
From terrifying and twisted old witches in the woods to the foulest apparitions from the forgotten fires of Hell, Kelly Williams (THE CABINET, EERIE, CANAAN CULT REVIVAL) presents tales from the deepest, darkest, corners of human fear.
Releasing 10.31.16


$2.99, 32 pgs, Full Color, Mature Readers, Horror
Digital Comic
(A) Spence Nicholson, Josh Lobo, Nick Montalvo
(W) Silvio dB, Sam Wohl, Anderson Cabral, Ryan Ferrier
In the inaugural issue, our host, Balthazar Remy introduces two bone-chilling tales. “Beyond the Cosmos” is a Lovecraftian, dimension hopping tale of dark science and the quest for power. “On The Lam” is a crime-soaked yarn of deceit and intrigue. We also learn there may be more to Balthazar than initially meets the eye….
Terror! is a horror anthology series for the modern age. Each issue spins two unique tales of mystery and the macabre, all hosted by the incomparable BALTHAZAR REMY, a charismatic TV personality with his own dark secrets, secrets that rival those of the stories he presents.
Releasing 10.31.16


$2.99, 40 pgs, Full Color, Young Adult, Sci-Fi Action Thriller
Digital Comic
(W/A) Michael S. Bracco
A sudden outbreak of catastrophic Creator incidents causes the world to assess how this dangerous epidemic should be handled. Maya, a young Creator whose powers are just beginning to come forth must make a decision about her future amidst the worldwide turmoil.
In the near future, several young people across the globe develop the ability to literally bring their imaginations to life through their drawings. This power, fueled by raw adolescent emotion can be awe inspiring or massively destructive and dangerous, depending on the intent of who wields it. Feared by the world and hunted by the B.C.E. (The Bureau of Creative Enforcement), the Creators fight to understand their abilities and carve out their place in the world.
Releasing 11.3.16
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