Fund Me Friday: Bubbles O’Seven in The Ape Who Punched Me

The latest adventure from simian secret agent Bubbles O’Seven is now on Kickstarter


For his third mission, THE APE WHO PUNCHED ME!

But before we parachute into Belfast City to track down Gareth the Gorilla, let’s recap on the mission so far:

The attempt by the revived MI7 to create animals capable of infiltrating and spying on persons of interests on foreign soil who might pose a threat to national security was a disaster. All the animals on the SpIWIT (Species Intelligence Weapon Integrated Taskforce) programme escape, with the exception of one.

Specimen 511 – considered the one success from the experimental procedure – is now in the employ of MI7, tasked with rounding up the rogue animal agents before they themselves do more harm than good.

So far, 511 aka Bubbles O’Seven, has managed to recapture Dr O and Mr Fluffy. But there is still much to be done to quash the threat to the future of the project. MI7 has tracked Gareth the Gorilla (Specimen 515) to Belfast City who, in a post-experimental haze, thought she would be rendezvousing there with other gorillas keen to right the wrongs of the world.

Bubbles must entice her back to the fold – one way or another.

Digital Rewards?
£2 gets you A PDF of the mission debrief. Add £1 to reward level per book for #1 and #2

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