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As if the premise of Stone Star wasn’t enough of a hook–gladiator games traveling from one distant planet to the next–our preview of the ComiXology Original just added even more intrigue and family drama into the story.

The first three issues of Stone Star have tossed new readers into the action with a velocity only possible in digital comics, announced and launched in one grand motion. The idea of the title ship, home of the universe’s most beloved and brutal reality TV show, and the young thief piloting a Gladiator mech on a heroic quest is all the exact brand of imaginative sci-fi that win fans over instantly. And in our preview of Stone Star #4, the history of the ship, the games, and the story’s young hero all just got a LOT more interesting…

Source: ComiXology’s STONE STAR Does Gladiator… in SPACE | ScreenRant

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