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The Batman's Grave (2019-) #4 Why did a blackmailer become a murderer? How does the Batman survive an opponent who can kill him with his own mind? From writer Warren Ellis and artist Bryan Hitch! Shop Now
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  Flash Forward (2019-) #5
  The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage (2019-) #2
  Iron Man 2020 (2020) #1 (of 6): Director’s Cut
  Breaklands (comiXology Originals) #5 (of 5)
  ROM: Dire Wraiths #1 (of 3)
  Over the Ropes #2
  Jessica Jones: Blind Spot (2020) #1 (of 6)
  Undiscovered Country #3
  Jimmy Olsen (2019-) #7
  Marvel’s Black Widow Prelude (2020) #1 (of 2)
  Archie (2015-) (Archie & Katy Keene #1) #710
  Dead Eyes #4
Fenris from Dragon Age II makes his comics debut! Dragon Age: Blue Wraith #1.
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  Batman Arkham: Black Mask
  The DreamingÊ(2018-) Vol. 2: Empty Shells
  Over My Dead Body
  By Night Vol. 3
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Review – Robyn Hood: Home Sweet Home

January 14, 2022 Michael Nimmo 0

A new larger-sized one-shot from Zenescope Entertainment this week in Robyn Hood: Home Sweet Home. After all of the roadblocks and hellish delays she has had getting back home, thanks to Smitty, Robyn would love […]

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