Digital Comics Release Round-Up 29th April 2020

Are things getting back to normal? Not yet, but there are still some new digital comics, sales, bundles and more available digitally!

This weeks edition of 2000 AD is out now – Prog 2179

UK and DIGITAL: 29 April 2019 £2.99

In this issue:
JUDGE DREDD: CHIMPSKY’S LAW by Kenneth Niemand (w) PJ Holden (a) Quinton Winter (c) Annie Parkhouse (l)
SURVIVAL GEEKS: CRISIS OF INFINITE NERDS by Emma Beeby, Gordon Rennie (w) Neil Googe (a) Gary Caldwell (c) Annie Parkhouse (l) 
SKIP TRACER: NIMROD by James Peaty (w) Paul Marshall (a) Dylan Teague (c) Simon Bowland (l)
AQUILA: THE BURNING FIELDS by Gordon Rennie (w) Patrick Goddard (a) Pippa Bowland (c) Jim Campbell (l)
HERSHEY: DISEASE by Rob Williams (w) Simon Fraser (c) Simon Bowland (l)

Available in print from: newsagents and comic book stores via Diamond
Available in digital from: 2000 AD webshop and apps for iPadAndroidWindows 10

Also available this week is The Complete Johnny Future

Available in print from: book stores, Amazon, and UK comic book stores via Diamond
Available in digital from:Treasury of British Comics webshop & apps for iPadAndroid and Windows 10

Dynamite Entertainment has added more free issue #1’s to their collection on ComiXology. I would recommend Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt #1

The latest additions are:

  • Army of Darkness vs. Reanimator #1
  • Classic Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck #1
  • Dead Irons #1
  • The Devilers #1
  • Elvira: The Shape of Elvira #1
  • James Bond: Hammerhead #1
  • Justice, Inc. #1
  • Lone Ranger (2006) #1
  • Magnus Robot Fighter #1
  • Obey Me #1
  • Peter Cannon Thunderbolt (2019) #1
  • Swords of Sorrow #1
  • Turok Dinosaur Hunter #1


DC Comics have a spring digital comics sale now on.

DC Comics also (controversially) have some new comics available this week.

  • Batman Giant #4
  • The Dreaming #20
  • Daphne Bryne #4

As well as two new back issues.

  • Batman #89
  • Nighwing #70

Dark Horse Comics still has a number of free digital comics available on their online app and store.

They also have a sale on Mignolaverse titles including Hellboy.

Shi - Available Now @

DriveThruComics have their new titles, including Noah: The True Story Of The Flood #1 from Markosia

When one of the ancient B’Nai visits Noah and warns him that a great flood is coming it sets him on path that leads to the building of a giant ship, The Ark. Will Noah survive the coming deluge, and, more importantly, will his relationship with his son survive the journey?

Archie Comics has updated the comics on the Archie Unlimited service. This weeks additions are:

  • Archie’s Girls Betty & Veronica #36
  • Archie’s Girls Betty & Veronica #37
  • Archie’s Girls Betty & Veronica #38
  • Archie 1955 #2
  • B&V Friends Double Digest #275
  • Jughead’s Time Police #5

Europe Comics have eight new releases out this week:


Once upon a Christmas Eve, animals begin to talk. And they refuse to be muzzled again. Humans aren’t going to like what they have to say, and it isn’t long before the consequences of the animals’ newfound communication turn tragic…

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Not so long ago, humankind did not move as widely as it does today. Few left their native village, and people were left to wonder what lay beyond the next hill or valley. But life was full of storytellers, folklore, performers, nature. These days anyone can buy a ticket to the other side of the world, but what is the purpose?

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After a horrific battle in a mythical Asian land, a peasant soldier with a mysterious past encounters a young woman who has come to find the body of her dead fiancé. She is determined to travel to Takedo Castle and get her hands on the Mask of a Thousand Tears, a golden mask which will allow her to travel to the underworld and bring her fiancé back to the land of the living. The peasant, Masamura, accompanies Sadakyo on her quest. 

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Frank Carvale, manager of the hedge fund Bright Capital, is being blackmailed by the US government. To keep his wife from finding out about a past affair, he’s forced to use his knowledge of the financial markets to sabotage the Shanghai International Gold Exchange. But there may be more at stake than the price of gold. 

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Egypt, 7th century BCE. Neith and Sennedjem are two of many royal children too far down the inheritance ladder to matter. Facing limited prospects—she’s likely to wind up in her own father’s bed, and he won’t even wind up an advisor—they set out instead to see the world. But the ancient world is full of dangers, and soon enough, the royal pair find themselves sold off to the court of Babylon by slave traders. 

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Flavia Antunes grew up in a favela. Her father was a casualty of gang warfare; her mother, a cleaning lady, is all she has left. That is, until she meets Mr. Lima, a wealthy old man who introduces her to her future: the piano. Music will take her far from home, all the way to a prestigious Paris conservatory…

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In this final volume, Kita and Jay plot their ultimate revenge against the “Glorious Eries,” the secret cabal of Royalists that’s seeking to take back the newly independent American colonies with the covert help of Queen Victoria herself. Meanwhile, the ruthless police commissioner Kurb is on their trail and finds unexpected and unwitting help from the street urchin Pickles.

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Saturday and Sunday are a pair of lizards living the good life, lazing around on a tropical atoll and fishing off the beach. But when Saturday comes down with a case of acute questionitis, the big mysteries—why are we here? how did we get here?—won’t leave him alone. Only travel can cure…

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Over on Humble Bundle, there is a sale on – they have a selection of Walking Dead comics from Image Comics

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Humble Comics Bundle: The Walking Dead by Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment
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From Rebellion comes the last in this mini-series. This is Hawk The Slayer #5. UK and DIGITAL: 10 August £3.99 NORTH AMERICA: TBC $6.50 DIAMOND: TBC Don’t miss the all new comic-book sequel to the classic eighties fantasy […]

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