Fund Me Friday: Remember Andy Xenon?

From new crowdfunding comics site, Zoop, is a new graphic novel that looks to be a lot of fun – Remember Andy Xenon?

With an interesting story and some great looking art (plus a whole host of excellent guest artists), this is a crowdfunded worth getting on board.

Awesome powers? Adventures all over the world?! Andy Xenon was the boy hero every kid wished they could be! But then he turned 18 and those powers suddenly vanished. No more adventures. What happened? Why? Never getting any explanations, Andy resigned to life as a normal guy… and it’s a quiet misery. Nobody believes he used to be Andy Xenon. People have moved on to new adventurers and, each year, fewer even remember Andy, at all...
But one person hasn’t forgotten. A journalist has tracked Andy down for a soul-searching interview. At last, he can set the record straight, review his reckless youth with hard-earned wisdom… and maybe figure out what went wrong. Is it too late for answers? Or can Andy earn a second chance? With backers’ pledges, Tom and Nikos can share Remember Andy Xenon with the world and take readers on one off-beat journey of redemption. Sometimes, the end of a story is only just the beginning!

I love the look of the art style, and this looks to be a fun and unique story being told.

The concept behind the now-live Zoop crowdfunding campaign is simple. Andy was a boy adventurer… until he abruptly lost his powers and had to grow up real fast. Now, he wants an answer – what went wrong? Remember Andy Xenon is a 48-page graphic novel that explores, from a very human and relatable perspective, how even superheroes can question their relevance in the world.

Writer Tom Pinchuk (Ben 10, Max Steel) and artist Niko Koutsis (Stretch Armstrong) have been creating big kid hero stories for years. Together, they asked the question: why do our childhood heroes have to stay children? The creators believe there is no end-date to develop such heroes further – and it’s time for the next chapter to be written.

The list of guest artists involved with this project is extensive, including Freddie E. Williams II (Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-Man/Thundercats) and Brent Schoonover (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman)!

The campaign is live and you can grab your digital and print rewards now at

What others are saying about Remember Andy Xenon…

“Beautiful and human post-deconstructionist superheroes in the mode of Astro City.”

— KIERON GILLEN (Star Wars, Eternals, the Wicked + the Divine)

Tom Pinchuk’s Remember Andy Xenon? is a cosmic romp with a sharp sense of humor and a great group of characters, all brought to energetic visual life by Nikos Koutsis.”

— J.M. DEMATTEIS (Justice League International, Kraven’s Last Hunt, Moonshadow)

This fun-house mirror tale of a superhero and his origin story blasts onto the scene with full-throttle action, sly humor, and genuine heart. Remember Andy Xenon? is unforgettable.”

— JULIA LEWALD (X-Men: The Animated Series, Transformers: Robot in Disguise)

“Energetic, clever and sharply observed — meaning Remember Andy Xenon? contains all the trademarks of a Tom Pinchuk comic.”

— TIM SEELEY (Batman Eternal, Guardians of the Galaxy: Best Story Ever, Hack/Slash)

In the Creators’ Words:

For the creators, making this comic has been about reconnecting with inspirations. Pinchuk explains, “Nikos and I reflected on comics that’d truly inspired us, like Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? and the Death of Captain Marvel. Many weren’t sprawling epics. They were self-contained one-shots – these really poignant, bittersweet character studies. We had to capture such poetic and uplifting focus here. Zoop allows us to craft our story in the exact format it needs to be in.

“As we charted Andy’s misadventures, we found plenty of poignant analogies – between characters and their fans, between heroes and everyday people,” Pinchuk says. “Whoever you are, growing up is all about navigating life’s ups and downs. Who doesn’t deserve a second shot?”

Creator Bios:

Tom Pinchuk – Writer/Creator: A man of duality, Tom has charted the adventures of world-famous kid heroes like Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 and Mattel’s Max Steel while also crafting mature audience comics for Heavy Metal Magazine, among others. He swears Remember Andy Xenon will reconcile these contradictions, at last. Tom has written for television, comics, and everything in-between and, before moving to Los Angeles, dwelled everywhere from Singapore to Syracuse. He delights in obstacle races, escape rooms, recounting his “breathtaking” loss to a future UFC fighter at a Jiu-Jitsu tournament, and in masterminding increasingly elaborate, diabolical April Fools Day pranks.

Nikos Koutsis – Illustrator/Creator: Located in Athens, Greece, Nikos is the co-creator of Errand Boys (Image), and artist on Erik Larsen’s Mighty Man (Image) and Hasbro’s Stretch Armstrong (IDW). He’s been the colorist on Savage Dragon since 2008 and colored more than 3,500 pages for Image and IDW so far, claiming that the night is still young! It’s really a mystery how he manages to have a life as a family man, teach as a Sequential Arts Professor at Vakalo College of Art and Design, or maintain a good shape for himself! (Or at least this is what he thinks he’s doing)

Guest artists:

  • Alfa Robbi (A.K.A.“Sharknob”) [ MAX STEEL, VOLTRON FORCE, MONSUNO ]           
  • Enis Cisic [ AVENGERS: MILLENNIUM (Marvel), ORIGIN SIN ANNUAL (Marvel ]
  • Farid Karami [ NIGHT-GWEN (Marvel), the Top Cow Talent Hunt ]
  • Kevin Castaniero [ GRIT (Scout Comics) ] 
  • Clay McCormack [ REDLINE (Oni Press), NIGHT MOVES (IDW)]
  • Patrick McEvoy [ Clients include Blizzard, Wizards of the Coast, and Marvel]     
  • Joe Suitor [ Clients include Paramount, Warner Bros. and NBCUniversal ]
  • Lesley Vamos [ Clients include Harper, Walker, Macmillan ]           


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