Get Dark Horse Comics On The iBooks Store!

June 26, 2013 Michael Nimmo 0

You can now get Dark Horse Comics on Apple’s iBooks! With today’s announcement that Dark Horse graphic novels are available on the iBookstore (, Dark Horse is now one of the most widely distributed comics publishers […]

Marvel Day & Date Delayed On iOS

January 4, 2012 Michael Nimmo 0

It looks like there are some unforseen problems with the day and date titles on iOS today for Comixology: [blackbirdpie id=”154591080636092416″]   Luckily there is a work around!   And you can still get your […]

Some More Of IDW’s iBooks Launch

September 8, 2011 Michael Nimmo 0

After IDW’s big announcement about their iBooks lauch, here is some more information about it: First from MacWorld: Some of IDW’s releases, like theRocketeer series, were originally released as single-issue comics; for the iBooks release, the […]

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