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Panel: Planetay #7

August 2, 2010 Michael Nimmo 0

From Planetary #7 Jack Carter, a John Constantine lookalike forgoes his 80’s look and goes for something more 90’s – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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Panels: Planetary #2

July 10, 2010 Michael Nimmo 0

Yes, I am a fan of Warren Ellis’s dialog! Here is a good example of why digital comics are good – without the DC app, I would have missed these classics from Planetary #2!! Click […]

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MCM Expo: Warren Ellis

May 29, 2010 Michael Nimmo 0

Just recovering my poor little legs from the MCM London Expo. Photo’s news and reviews to come a bit later this week, but here is me and Warren Ellis after signing my copy of Ignition […]