Review: The Lion & The Unicorn


I’ve previously told you about The Lion & The Unicorn, so you know what it’s all about.

Well now I’ve had a chance to look at it fully and I like what I see!

Combining the idea of the ‘infinite’ comic and some other neat tricks we also get a compelling, well written story.

Plus the art is amazing!

You read the title as a PDF, but in full screen you get an amazing look at the story. We’ve got a new Britain, set up in a map right in the beginning. Things are different, but also are the same, as we get travel on the Underground, advertising, murder and political intrigue!



Clicking through the story we get a fractured look at how the world is now, but due to the nature of the canvas, it’s always easy to follow.

By using the infinite canvas style, the story can be told in a much more fluid way, with text moving around the screen in action with the artwork moving with it. This is a lot less jarring than the panel-by-panel view.

Interspersed within the story are links to websites and the comics Facebook page which is nice innovative way to get you involved with the creator.

lion&unicorn1The art deserves a special mention because it’s so damn good.

With an excellent use of shadows, light and colour (see above) you get a real feel for the world in which it is set. This combined with the lettering around it and the work outside the panels make it a feast for the eyes.

This is #0 of 4 so I’m really building it up here in the hope that we all get to see more of this soon, as it’s excellent!

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