Review: 2000 AD Prog 1991

My thoughts on this weeks Prog!


A nice action cover as we kick off a new storyline for Judge Dredd!

Dredd renews his search for serial killer P J Maybe and it looks as though they are making some headway – with a reward bringing all the cranks out, but there is one lead that looks interesting for Dredd! The twist at the end is very interesting and I wonder where it will lead! We’re only 9 progs away from Prog 2000!

Kurtis starts her fightback in Brink and there is some interesting revelations as things go rapidly downhill for all involved! What happens after and all the dust has settled will be interesting!

Black Shuck finishes with one problem, but another is on the horizon. There are some excellent scenes here with the births and all that is involved with them and the battle Shuck is having too! There’s another type of battle next issue!

Outlier looks to be taking the battle to the Hurde and this looks like it it going to be all out war – as opposed to the ‘cold war’ that has been happening! The fightback looks to be pretty gruesome and there seems to be some results from it all though.

Scarlet Traces gives us a history of the newest minority in England (and earth) as it looks like we’re going to be building up to the big fightback against the martians. The reactions of the Venisians was very interesting.

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