Reviews: The Black Sable & Robyn Hood: The Hunt

Black Sable #1 & Robyn Hood: The Hunt #2

My thoughts on The Black Sable and Robyn Hood: The Hunt – out this week from Zenescope

One hundred years in the future, the “age of pirates” has returned as mankind reaches out for the stars. Schooners have been replaced by star ships and these pirates wield space age weaponry, but they are as bloodthirsty and ruthless as their predecessors were centuries before them.

Experience a new universe of swashbuckling action and adventure in the vast reaches of space!

Written by Joe Brusha
Art by Sergio Ariño
Colored by Diijo Lima

A new series from Zenescope and this one shies away from the more ‘fantasy’ elements and goes full on space!. of course there are the tropes and now we get Space Pirates. I quite enjoyed this, I didn’t find it eye-rolling much and I like the idea of the corporation too! The twist with the idea is that there are areas that the corporation and the the pirates fear to tread – so that looks like where we will be heading very soon!. I got a feel of Nickolai Dante in this, I think that is becasue of the art though. The characters are already being built up, and I like the pirate crews!
A good start to a new series!

Things go from bad to worse for Robyn. Not only is she trapped in a maximum security prison with her deadliest enemies but the Warden has passed his own sentence on her…and his verdict is death.

Written by LaToya Morgan
Art by Daniel Maine
Colored by Leonardo Paciarotti

Robyn is in trouble – in a prison for highborns and also dangling from a noose. Someone wants her out of the way, and it seems like its Tarot. Robyn does have some friends though – one of which I’m not sure can be trusted. He seems to have his own agenda. There is a litte action here – we get a good jail break scene, I especially like The Executioner, but I expect we are going to see more to come in the next issue! There is a good cast of characters and I am looking forward to seeing how this links in with the Tarot event happening across the GFT universe.

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