Reviews: GFT Tarot & Robyn Hood: The Hunt

My thoughts on two Tarot related comics out this week from Zenescope

GFT: Tarot #3

As Cindy and Nataliya fight to the death before the Emperor’s Court, Talisman finds a potential cure for the darkness that infects him. The Order of Light may offer salvation, only if Tarot doesn’t destroy them first..

This issue had a lot of build, the battle between Cindy and Nataliya, didn’t really have time together, so I would call that match a draw, as there was some shenanigans going on with that battle!
The Tarot continue to look like they are going to self destruct. In all the other GFT titles, they seem all powerful and all encompassing, but here they seem fractured, it’s very interesting and I do wonder if this will feed into the overreaching story arc!
The art duties continue to be excellent, there is a real mix of areas to draw in this issue, so it must have been a real challenge.

The story is well told with each character getting ample time in the book, which makes you wonder about all their roles….

Robyn Hood: The Hunt #5

The battle is on as Robyn barely claws her way out of another near-death situation, only to be thrown back into the never-ending turmoil that is her new prison island life. With her enemies finally gaining ground on our hooded archer, she is put to the ultimate test of survival that even Robyn Locksley may not be able to emerge from this time.

The Hunt is reaching its conclusion and we get a big theme on the trust issues surrounding this story. It all fits in with a twist and a surprise appearance I didn’t see coming. It all fits, right to the near end of the race to the portal, where you just think they’re going to make it…..

But we’ve got one more issue to go, so you know its not all over yet, there is a final twist to go!

I’m looking forward to seeing how this all ends up, with some good action scenes in this issue and some promised for the final issue, it should be good!

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