Reviews: Belle – Beast Hunter & Robyn Hood: The Curse

Belle Beast Hunter #1 & Robyn Hood: The Curse #1

Some thoughts on two new series from Zenescope Entertainment – Belle Beast Hunter & Robyn Hood: The Curse

Belle: Beast Hunter #1

The Grimm Universe is filled with heroes far and wide dealing with all kinds of threats, from vampires and werewolves to corrupt government organizations and ancient orders battling for control of the realms of power. But what lies in the deepest corners of our world could give the evilest creature nightmares. A threat since the beginning of time is rising, and only one person will be there to stop it from destroying everything. Introducing the newest ally in the war of monsters: Belle the Beast Hunter!

A new series and a new character for the world of Grimm Fairy Tales. She’s another legacy character – taking over the role from her missing mother (who, I think, may play into the character in the future.) It’s a pretty action packed beginning, with two monsters dispatched to who-knows-where, and some real mystery about what is happening in the world of monsters.
I thought the ending was pretty big for a first issue, but I’m not complaining!
Belle seems a fun character, strong and a good learner, obviously there is more to learn of her history and those around her, but in all this was a action packed beginning.

I enjoyed the art and the design of this issue too, with the monsters being pretty intimidating!

I wonder if this Belle will meet her ‘beast’?

Robyn Hood: The Curse #1

After a daring and dangerous escape from a sadistic super-max prison, Robyn is finally back home where she belongs. But as she re-acclimates to her “normal” life in New York City, a new evil has been released and Marian Quin needs Robyn’s help to send it back from where it came… But this battle is about to get more personal than either of these friends could have imagined, and nothing will ever be the same!

Chuck Dixon – Writer
Igor Vitorino – Cover Artist

This new Robyn Hood series brings Marian and Robyn back together, but it’s not under the best of circumstances. Marian has been ‘dabbling’ and it looks like something has been released into the world!
This was a slow start to this story, but there are some promising aspects to it – the promise of some good action and I think there will be some more difficult relationship problems between Robyn and Marian.

The art is well done, especially the monster/magic aspects of it – I like the use of the panels to show hints of the threat!

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