Reviews: Musketeers & Robyn Hood: The Curse

Musketeers #2 & Robyn Hood: The Curse #3

Some thoughts on two of this weeks comics from Zenescope Entertainment – Musketeers #2 & Robyn Hood: The Curse #3

Musketeers #2

Questions surround the mysterious Musketeers. Where did they come from? Are they heroes or dangerous villains? Hunted by the authorities, time is running out for them to make a choice. Too bad their fate may have already been decided for them.


This issue gives us more background – while focusing on one of the Musketeers, Porthos in this case. We get a good look at her skills, and her emotions. It’s a well crafted issue in my opinion. In this issue, while concentrating on Porthos, we learn more about the other two and their relationship – this is interesting too. We also learn more of Merlin’s plan and what he wants. His associate on Earth is a little too shady for him and I like the way it all links together. Talking of links…..we get a bigger link to the Grimm Fairy Tales universe than I expected!

Robyn Hood: The Curse #3

San Diego is facing some kind of impending mystical apocalypse and the epicenter of it might just be Robyn’s current love interest; an oil billionaire with a taste for pre-Columbian antiquities. And the city isn’t safe from Sam Cavendar’s new alter ego. She’s Marian’s sweetheart by day and a ravaging hell-beast from beyond the stars by night. It’s going to take more than a well-placed arrow to make this right! Chuck (Bane:Conquest) Dixon brings the mystery, action and horror you look for in comics.


The curse continues and we get a closer look at the ‘thing’ that has replaced Sam! Marian seems to be getting control – over the demon and herself and has a plan. Meanwhile Robyn is having fun with her new man – we all suspected it, as do the police, but he is not what he seems. There are other things going on here, and we seem to getting to the bottom of it. This series is getting better!

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