Reviews: Dance Of The Dead & Robyn Hood: The Curse

Some thoughts on this weeks digital comics from Zenescope Entertainment

Grimm Fairy Tales: Dance of The Dead #5

The Shadowlands are a dark and mysterious place, filled with the most evil creatures that have ever haunted mankind’s imagination. Now Mary Medina finds herself trapped there with no means of an escape, lured by a powerful enemy into a deadly dance with the dead.

Story – Joe Brusha
Writer – Anne Toole
Art – Marcio Abreu
Colours Hedwin Zaldivar & Maxflan Araujo

This issue is mostly on the run. Running through a maze with the group getting split up and back together (briefly). It’s a fast moving issue with each character getting a bit of time to shine.
the flashbacks are still there, with some looks back and some reasons for this (and the links to Tarot) this is all about the Crown of Cups!

The art work is excellent, with a lot going on in each panel – the colouring duties (split between two) are really good and give a good feel for the story!

the last page could be a good thing or a bad thing…..

Robyn Hood: The Curse #4

There’s a war going on in the shadows, and Robyn might just be on the wrong side. An investigation into a series of ritual murders turns from homicidal to apocalyptic as all the signs point to something very big and very bad about to befall the city of San Diego. California dreaming is about to become California screaming and Robyn may have to fight alone, as Marian has problems of her own. What kind of problems? How about a girlfriend possessed by a being older than time? A being with a taste for human flesh!

Chuck Dixon – Writer
Julius Abrera – Artist
Sergio Fernandez Davila – Cover Artist
Mike S. Miller – Variant Cover Artist
Jay Anacleto – Variant Cover Artist
Canaan White – Variant Cover Artist

Well, this is an all action issue! With Robyn and Marion getting to grips with everything! Robyn’s relationship looks to be getting a bit serious with her rich new boyfriend, but after a meeting with Marion, it looks as though that is off. That’s not to say that he’s still going to have an impact on Robyn’s life – especially in the final page!

Marion’s girlfriend looks like she may be getting better, but a mistake may have put a lot more in danger!

I really enjoyed this issue, with everything going on – well told and paced.

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