Reviews – Jasmine: Crown Of Kings & Grimm Fairy Tales: Tarot

Some thoughts on two of this weeks digital comics from Zenescope Entertainment

Jasmine: Crown Of Kings #2

Deep within the Ponferrada Fortress- once a stronghold of the famed Knights Templar- Jasmine must join forces with an enemy against the guardians of the second piece of the Crown of Kings while struggling with the sins of her past.

Howard Mackie – Writer
Deivis Goetten – Art
Taylor Esposito – Letters
Ceci De La Cruz – Colours

Jasmine really doesn’t get on with Ali – she’s not impressed by his ‘plan’ and what he wants. She makes this pretty clear. What she does do – for Ali and us – is give us a history of the Crown…
We only get the beginning of the history, but it works really well and gives us some of the hints towards what may happen. It also gives us hints towards some other issues, war, and more Jinn! I like the art on the flashback too!
we get some good action too  not against the guardians though – the Templars, and their addition wasn’t something I was expecting, but it adds an interesting aspect to the story…
Ali also seems to have some secrets, and it looks like we’re going to get some information about him next issue – I’m enjoying this!

Grimm Fairy Tales: Tarot #6

As the Oder of Light battles Tarot for the fate of the Grimm Universe, Talismans own future hangs in the balance. Can he overcome his destiny and join the Light…or fall into inescapable darkness? Don’t miss the exciting conclusion to this Grimm Universe Event series!

Joe Brusha – Writer
Renato Rei – Artist

The final part of this mini series, and things get wrapped up for this part! there are plans within plans here, with Talisman fighting well, but there are also deaths!
Talisman is an interesting character, and he’s fighting against what has been put in place for him – I can see this going one way or the other in the main story!
The plotters are well done, with some forms of vengeance in place, as well as the potential problems for Tarot in the future!
I enjoyed the art here, especially the fight scenes – which were very well plotted and laid out!


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