Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #24

Michelangelo and Mondo must make a difficult decision to save a friend’s life… and their own!

Ryan Ferrier – Writer
Pablo Tunica – Artist
Freddie Williams II – Cover Artist


Some thoughts on this week’s issue!

A great cover, highlighting the problems Mondo and Michaelangelo had from last issue, leading into this issue!
The variant covers also feature Mondo and Michaelangelo too!

Part two of “…And Out Came The Reptiles” really starts off fast. Mondo is on a full attack and he isn’t letting up! The combination of Mondo and Michaelangelo is really good. This is a different Mondo than we’ve seen before, he’s fighting well (possibly not smart) and Michaelangelo is being the clever measured one. The interactions with Agent Bishop is well done, with some good back and forth. Of course we forget that he isn’t strictly human either, so there’s that!
I like the use of the drones, and the duos reaction to them is also interesting!
This issue is full of action and it does come to a very good conclusion as the duo escape Agent Bishop and get back with what they came for. Hob’s reaction and speech was also well done, you can see the father figure he has become!

“Life At Sea” has Ray having an introspective moment. Looking out to sea and imagining the peacefulness of it all. Unfortunately he also chose to mention this to Pete – the mad mutant pigeon! Pete’s mind goes wandering and now we get a look into that – with a nice art piece at sea. It’s a comedy moment, but quite nice and enjoyable. Possibly a “what If” for the future.

It just wasn’t what Ray was talking about….

I enjoyed this issue, with two different stories with two different tones. They were both well told and seemed to have a lot going on with them!


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