Review: The Vigilant

Some thoughts on The Vigilant – out now – featuring stories including The Vigilant, Yao, Death Wish and Steel Commando from 2000 AD

We get a nice kickoff in the beginning telling us who stars in this issue of The Vigilant – including bios. They include:

  • Death-Man
  • Blake Edmonds
  • The Leopard
  • Pete’s Pocket Army
  • Doctor Sin (aka Sin Tax)
  • Adam Eterno
  • Steel Commando
  • Thunderbolt The Avenger
  • Yao

THE VIGILANT: MAELSTROM by Simon Furman (w) Simon Coleby (a) Simon Bowland (l)

The title story lives up to the billing well, each character gets time to shine, and we get a look at the big bad threat of the series. I like the way the characters are introduced and each one gets their own voice. There is really a lot thrown in here. Science, magic, extra dimensions, aliens, Nazis and a whole of action thrown in! There are some characters i like more than others, bu the chemistry of the team work really well…

YAO: THE DEMON TOUCHED “HOME”? by Bruce Leslie (w) DaNi (a) John Charles (c) Sam G (l)

Yao nicely continues on from the main story. It gives us a bit of history and looks at a way forward for the stories. I like the reversal of her power – a very clever twist. The tease for her and the reader is well done too!

DEATH WISH: KIDS RULE! by Karl Stock (w) Henrik Sahlstrom (a) Simon Bowland (l)

Throwing Blake into an alternative world is very clever. We get a look at the man, behind the mask and what he’s like by himself. The short origin is well told – it’s not a difficult one, so  doesn’t need much. I like the idea of his thrill seeking, and the look in the mirror for him is well done!

STEEL COMMANDO: IN BETWEEN WARS by Aaron Stack (w) Warwick Fraser-Coombes, Staz Johnson (a) John Charles (c) Simon Bowland (l)

Steel Commando is an interesting one, the idea of this robot being under the control of the private is interesting. I find the time after the war more interesting – kind of a PTSD, and the only thing they could do is deactivate him. A clever read and it brings us full circle to the main story!

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