Reviews: Paradise Court & Bell: Beast Hunter

Some thoughts on this weeks digital comics from Zenescope Entertainment – including the latest Belle: Beast Hunter and new series Paradise Court

Paradise Court #1

While taking a cross country trip, a young couple stops to visit one of their long lost friends who live in an idyllic gated community in the Midwest. Not long after they arrive, they find out that a girl has gone missing and that something sinister may be lurking behind the mansions and well-manicured lawns of Paradise Court. .

Joe Brusha – Writer
Riveiro – Cover Artist
Bong Dazo – Variant Cover Artist

A new series from Zenescope and the suspense is really building up. This issue starts off well, introducing the main characters as we get to Paradise Court. The prologue is also very good, it sets the tone well for the series and the horror to come.
The characters are pretty well developed already, with the visit and the party. We get a (good) feeling that something is not quite right in Paradise Court and the ending confirms it. Hopefully things aren’t too obvious.
The art is pretty good, especially with the desert aspects of the story.
It will be interesting to see where it all leads!


Belle: Beast Hunter #4

The intensity picks up as the Beast has been set loose and the hunt is on! Will Belle be able to make it out of this one alive or fully intact? Be sure to pick up this can’t-miss issue! Writer Dave Franchini and Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth artist Bong Dazo join forces to bring you Zenescope’s newest badass beauty, Belle!

Dave Franchini – Writer
Bong Dazo – Artist
Canaan White – Cover Artist

This issue really picks up the pace, and that is saying something. The monster hunting seems to take a back seat as there are some good character moments. Belle seems to be having a better time of it, although she does have trouble with secrets!. The secrets do eventually cause a problem, and that does bring us to the other part of the story. I did say less hunting, but there is more chasing, and that is shown really well. Through the streets and the rain. There are some good action scenes and we still haven’t gotten to the bottom of the mystery!

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