Reviews: Grimm Tales Of Terror & Paradise Court

Some thoughts on this weeks digital comics from Zenescope Entertainement – Paradise Court #4 and Grimm Tales of Terror #8

Grimm Tales Of Terror #8

When a small town in Wyoming has their regular programming interrupted by a strange video, things begin to go from weird to horrific. Is it a hacker having fun, a government conspiracy, or something entirely more sinister behind this transmission?

Ralph Tedesco – Writer
Eric Johnson – Cover Artist
Igor Vitorino – Variant Cover Artist
Alfredo Reyes – Variant Cover Artist

Th is is a pretty intense issue. There’s a lot to take in. A haunted hijacked TV signal, Missing people and a reporter. That seems to be not much and fairly standard.


I would say that it’s not – there’s the investigation as well as stone deputy found on. The ending seas really well done and wraps up the story really well. This is one of the best ones of this series.

Paradise Court #4

As her friends and the residents of the gated community continue to disappear, Amy finds herself alone and hunted by the Ram’s Head Killer. Even as she fights to survive, she realizes that nowhere within the gates of Paradise Court is safe…and that there is no escape.

Joe Brusha – Writer
Riveiro – Cover Artist
Igor Vitorino – Variant Cover Artist
Allan Otero – Variant Cover Artist

The penultimate issue of the mini series. This issue was all about the chase. The killer is stealing Amy and we see who it (probably) isn’t. There are still no real answers here, although it looks like there is some ritual. I have a a feeling about who the killer is, but I’m keeping it to myself.

This issue build thing up for the final issue well!

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