Reviews: Gretel & Oz: Heart Of Magic

Some thoughts on the latest issues from Zenescope Entertainment – Gretel #2 and new series Oz: Heart Of Magic #1

Gretel #2

Gretel’s story has been more of a nightmare than a fairy tale ever since the tragic events of her childhood. These events have left her life cursed for many centuries.  Reunited with her long-lost mentor, Samuel, Gretel must act fast to unravel the mystery of her apocalyptic premonition before it comes to pass. Pursed by a horde of creatures summoned by her ghosts past, can Gretel and Samuel fight their way through? 

Writer: Ben Meares
 Allan Otero

Part two of this issue brings us somethings from the past and some things for the future. Going into the past first and we see a little more of Gretel’s background and her training against the witches. Samuel seems an interesting character and it looks like there is more about him than just a teacher. It is obvious that he is still hiding some things from Gretel, but what? And will he live long enough to tell them! For the future, we get a good look at the threat to Gretel and the fightback of the witches. There is a third party too, and it will be interesting to see where they stand in all of this. This issue gave us more questions than answers, but it had a good amount of action and some nice scenes! We’re still on issue #2 so I’m not expecting a lot to come out, but it will happen!

Oz: Heart Of Darkness #1

Following the heart-wrenching debut in Grimm Universe Presents, last we saw Dorothy, she was trapped in a body that isn’t hers by the evil Wizard of Oz, cut off from most of her loyal followers and exiled from the Emerald City.
Now on the run with the very heart of the realm itself on the line, will she be able to protect herself and the people who rely on her?​

Writer: Terry Kavanagh
Artwork: Marcello Mueller

We return to Oz in this latest mini-series and Dorothy has a fight on her hands. The Evil Wizard of Oz has usurped her role as Queen of Oz and is now tricking the populace into doing his bidding. He has Scarecrow under his/her thrall and it seems he has a plan for the magic under Oz. A nice twist at the end and I like the way it built up!
Talking of under Oz, Dorothy has a band of supporters and they are looking for a way to free Oz from the Wizard. This means (coincidentally) going under Oz! While there, there are many problems, but her team seems up to the task. I like the reveal of the new (possible) ally, and they way that Dorothy’s nature lead her to him!

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