Review: 2000 AD – Prog 2206 – Regened

Prog 2206 of 2000 AD is another Regened issue, with stories for old fans, and ones for those who want to check out the comic for the first time.

Judge Dredd: Tooth and Claw by Mike Carroll (W) Nicolo Assirelli (A) Gary Caldwell (C) Annie Parkhouse (L)

This was a well-told story, it has some interesting points, and it allows us to see more of the Cursed Earth. The bits with Rico are good, and it builds on what we already know about the character.

Abelard Snazz: The Only Way Is Up by Paul Cornell (W) Anna Readman (A) Pippa Bowland (C) Jim Campbell (L)

This was a fun read with some nice concepts. I liked the meta-reference too. This was suitably crazy and had some fun art.

Venus Bluegenes: Threat Level: Zero by Liam Johnson (W) Aneke (A) Barbara Nosenzo (C) Simon Bowland (L)

A ‘nice’ visit to Nu-Earth. I like the build up to it all and the ways in (and out). This had a decent amount of action and was well told. Nu-Earth continues to give us these stories.

Future Shocks: For The Man Who Lives Everywhen by Karl Stock (W) Tom Newell (A) John Charles (C) Annie Parkhouse (L)

Time travel is always fun in Future Shocks and this is no exception. I like the way it goes round and the introductions. There is an ending (of sorts) and this works really well for that ! at the end.

Anderson, Psi Division: Early Warning by Cavan Scott (W) Paul Davidson (A) Len O’grady (C) Simon Bowland (L)

This was the perfect Anderson story. She shows the hard and the soft side of her policing. The empathy she has is lacking with other Judges (especially Dredd). This looks like its going to build up to a future story.

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