Zuda February: Fulcrum


Fulcrum prison city isn’t on any map, an abandoned city, converted to house some of the most unmanageable inmates, formerly part of the penal system. Markes, one of the residents, is mean, greedy, treacherous, shameless but most of all calculating. He is tapped, by the administration running Fulcrum, to act as an inside man working to retrieve a “package”: retrieve it from Diego, the leader of the biggest gang in town.
He accepts the proposition knowing the gravity, literally, that would be the price of refusing. Despite being furnished with the help of the robotic prison guards, maneuvering to accomplish his goal, while convincing his own crew that he is not a rat, will be a large task. Being who he is, Markes has a plan, one that will leave a pile of destruction and bodies in its wake. And if he can work it just right, he will be standing on top of that pile when things are said and done.

My eyes are lazy…there….
I found this comic hard to read, but worth in the end. I did have a ‘Escape from New York/LA’ feel when I read the synopsis, but not so much now.
I think the story is solid enough, and I think that it could last for a set amount of time. With some interesting dynamics – the protaginist isn’t really likeable for a start!
The art lets it down, perhaps its the blue shade colouring, but I think it could do with something more.

3 Stars

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