Zuda April: Dan + Clue

Here in follows Dan and Clue, an unwed couple living together, trying to overcome the obstacles of daily life. And life is hard: trying to get fit, shoplifting to survive, solving ghost mystery and facing the Armageddon. Yep, it’s not easy, but it’s all possible. It starts with a diet. Clue persuades Dan to do it, but with no beer or cheese, things become uncertain as whether both of them will make it all 11 days. Someone once said opposites attract and we think that someone meant Dan + Clue. Dan is phlegmatic unemployed chap with his head in the clouds while Clue is a beginning writer, more down to earth person and boy, she has a temper! World’s wide opposites don’t matter as long as there is an unspeakable connection some people like to call soul-mate, it all comes down to one thing and one thing only: LOVE.

This is a really random addition to the Zuda catalogue. I guess they are trying to mix things up a bit.
A cartoony feel world, which mixes real life with some zany comedy situations mixed in.
There is a lot packed into each page, in terms of story and art here. There are some points where the art is a little scrappy, but in the all it doesn’t detract from the overall story.
I do wonder what legs this story would have in the highly competitive Zuda community, but I’ll add this to my favourites, as I am interested to see where this goes.
3 1/2 Stars

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  1. Dear Michael, thanks for your view on Dan + Clue (and for favorite:). You have pretty nice website here.

    I created Dan + Clue for my own reading pleasure. After my second rejected submission, the one that I really polished and worked hard on every panel for numerous hours and get nothing in return, I decided to do something for myself. Since art isn’t a major factor in comics that are winning on Zuda I have prepared decent entry and submitted. Two screens of Dan + Clue together create one A4 comic book page, which is a standard in European comic book market. This way even if I don’t win I can continue my story, create an album and look for the publisher. With previous submission “Screams Inside” I went for Zuda format which doesn’t let me reorganize panels so I will have typical comic book page.

    I’m glad it’s in the competition. Now I see myself how Zuda works. Every entry that was kinda childish or funny didn’t make it to the top. That’s pity in my opinion, because if you have children this is more less family friendly story that kids and adults can enjoy.

    Where this goes? Every day on a diet gets worse and worse. We meet Dan and Clue’s friends, some scenes are parodies of “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (1978), “Carlito’s Way” and few other films. Also second plot emerges and story goes a bit beyond diet. It’s a good read, as you see have a chance to know better the characters and they grow on you.

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