Due to my low attention span I always seem to have many ideas on the go – the problem is prioritizing them!
So lets have a look what is upcoming!
  • Continuing with the mobile comics theme: This is ongoing within 3 Million Years. I want to continue to give the latest news, reviews and information on comics on the iPhone, iPad, Android & PSP.
  • Connected with the above is getting someone to help with Android, iPad and PSP reviews and news – the iPad comics are closely linked to the iPhone, so I really want someone to do Android and PSP!
  • The store – I would love to get some more t-shirts and other apparel available. Also more 3MY branded goods.
  • My WebComics – I still want to do my own comics. ‘Alone’ is nearly half way through and is available as a full download or a hard copy at Lulu
    Following ‘Alone’ I’ve got an experimental comic called AR: Crime – made exclusively on my iPhone! So far I am 40 pages in, and there is a lot more to come – I will possibly split it up into 3 or 4 acts to give variety!
    Talos – Talos is a hand drawn comic which I have plotted (in my head) and started some of the concept art, but i’m no more into three pages. I’ll probably put this one on the back burner for a while!
    Freehand – this is a fun one that I have recently started. A basis comic, drawn into one of my moleskins in pens and pencils. This is going to be created in parallel to the AR Crime comic.
    King of the Hill – A short 10-12 page comic which I wrote and then passed to my brother for art duties – he’s been busy with his PHD recently so not yet!
  • POD I: This is an ongoing comic series that I have in mind and am planning on producing it on a Print-on-demand basis – need to speak to the artist though….
  • POD II: Possibly a small text pod project…why not!?
  • AudioBoo’s: Short of doing some long winded podcasts I think some short style AudioBoos would be best!

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