Comixology: Red Sonja, Deadpool & Green Arrow

Following on from the earlier post, Comixology have release a number of new series, available online and on the iPhone/iPad apps.

As well as the two Green Arrow series, Comixology have released the first 7 issues of the ongoing Deadpool series – including his influential run in ‘Secret Invasion’.
Dynamite have released issues 0-2 of their Red Sonja series – I have never read a Red Sonja comic, although I know the character, so I may give this one a go!
Comixology have also released many latest issues of ongoing series – including Irredeemable, Planetary, Justice League: Generation Lost and Witchblade!

Green ARrow

Red Sonja #0-2

Dynamite presents… The ultimate Red Sonja. The opening issue of this new, ongoing series finds Sonja on an epic quest; a quest to rid the world of an ancient evil. And a quest that places her in battle between the Zeddas and the Kingdom of Gathia. The legend of Red Sonja begins here! This story re-introduces Red Sonja to the world of comics, and is a classic in the making!

Green Arrow #1-3

Fan-favorite writer Kevin Smith (Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) revives the Emerald Archer for a new era in this new ongoing series featuring art by Phil Hester & Ande Parks! Green Arrow escaped death, but the world moved on in his wake. Can he adjust to a DCU he doesn’t recognize? Also available on the web!

Jeremiah Harm #1-2

From the original Lobo writing team of Keith Giffen and Alan Grant! But put your “bastiches” away, this ain’t no comedy – just hard hitting science fiction action with a gritty tone and a brutal anti-hero as the lead! When three of the galaxy’s most fearsome criminals escape confinement on a prison planet and wind up on Earth, the authorities have no choice but to free the most wanted man in the universe – Jeremiah Harm – to track these fugitives down and stop them. He doesn’t love you, he doesn’t want to be your friend, he isn’t your super-hero – and God help you if you find yourself in Harm’s way! Also available on the web!

Deadpool #1-7

Deadpool is back and crazier than ever! And this time, he’s joined… the Skrull Invasion of Earth?!

The Death-Defying Devil #1-2

More exciting comics featuring the greatest heroes of the ages from Alex Ross, Dynamite and Project Superpowers! Joining series mastermind Alex Ross for the debut of The Death Defying ‘Devil is writer Joe Casey and Dynamite exclusive artist Edgar Salazar! Spinning out of the events from Project Superpowers Chapter One and bridging the gap before the debut of Project Superpowers Chapter Two, the mysterious ‘Devil is put on the case to track down the terrorist organization known as ‘The Claw’. Travelling with the equally mysterious Justine, The ‘Devil is also shadowed by a new hero that very well may hold the answers to the ‘Devil’s strange existence, and new clues to the nature of the Urn which imprisoned all of our heroes! Featuring two incredible main covers, one by Ross and the other by John Cassaday, also look for chase covers by John Romita Sr. (inked by Alex Ross) and Edgar Salazar! Also available on the web!

Starcraft #1-7

From the bestselling Blizzard computer game comes the most explosive sci-fi action comic ever created! Join the War Pigs, a disbanded team of outlaws reunited by their former captain for one last job: the assassination of Jim Raynor! Also available on the web!

Magician Apprentice Riftwar Saga #1-3

Raymond E. Feist’s Riftwar Saga begins here! Pug and Tomas are two young boys in Crydee with dreams of becoming soldiers. Choosing different paths, Pug becomes a Magician Apprentice, but a menace from a different world will threaten all there is.

High Rollers #1-2

Scarface has nothing on Cameron Quinn, a ruthless upstart out to make a name for himself in this tale of crime and destiny from critically acclaimed mystery novelist Gary Phillips (HIGH HAND, BANGERS)! Phillips shines a harsh light on the action and drama of the L.A. underworld with this inner-cityspin on The Sopranos! A potent mix of American Gangster and THE WIRE, for fans of Brubaker’s CRIMINAL! Also available on the web!

The Hammer #1

Calvin School grew up hard and mean on the streets of Hamtown. He worked his way up the underworld ladder, making a brutal name for himself in the rackets. They called him the Hammer. That was then. Now, all Calvin wants is to leave his bloody past behind. But old scores remain unsettled. Old blood remains very, very bad. And sooner or later, the Hammer will fall on Hamtown. Also available on the web!

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