Zuda Releases: The Hammer #1 & More

Here’s the full list of Zuda Comics Releases for the PSP, iPhone and iPad (Through the DC & Comixology apps)

You like pink bunnies? We know why. Because they are hard boiled, bad asses. Didn’t know that? Find out for free and check out what’s sale this week from Zuda via the PSP, DC Comics and Comics apps:

_bayou_zuda_cvr_08BAYOU #8
Jeremy Love,
Patrick Morgan
The militaristic canine General Bog inflicts punishment upon Bayou for a rare show of defiance. Can Lee and Bayou escape the imminent danger that General Bog poses?
Price: 99¢


_thehammr_zuda_cvr_01THE HAMMER #1
Sam Little, Gabe Ostley, Robert Berry, Steve Steiner
Calvin School grew up hard and mean on the streets of Hamtown. He worked his way up the underworld ladder, making a brutal name for himself in the rackets. They called him the Hammer. That was then. Now, all Calvin wants is to leave his bloody past behind. But old scores remain unsettled. Old blood remains very, very bad. And sooner or later, the Hammer will fall on Hamtown.

Price: FREE


_safeinsd_zuda_cvr_03SAFE INSIDE #3
Demian’s exoneration could lead to certain death for the alleged terrorists he’d been trying to help. The group finds itself driven underground after a nasty battle with governmental robots.

Price: 99¢


_strtcode_zuda_cvr_02STREET CODE #2
Emmy Award Winner, Dean Haspiel

Jack gets into a would-be scuffle with an out-of-line line cook in Carroll Gardens in the wake of 9/11 and encounters a hulk with a basketball.

Price: 99¢


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