Preview: The Hammer

Zuda Comics have released a promo for their new release from Comixology – The Hammer…


Now I’m assuming that this is going to be another free #1 from Zuda and I applaud the idea – the more we can get the comic medium out to everyone, the better! I never read The Hammer, but I’m sure I will be commenting on in the coming days!

Hammertime is nigh. Tomorrow, to be totally accurate. Indulge your desires for violent, rabbit-shaped brutality! I know am. THE HAMMER #1 will be available at Comixology tomorrow, August 25 2010 AD. It will cost approximately $0.00 USD. Thanks be to Sam Little for sending us this promo. Praise be to Gabe Ostley (pencils), Rob Berry (inks) and Steve Steiner(colors). Also, to Comixology. We like you.

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