Deeds Not Words

October 17, 2016 Michael Nimmo 0

A new comic by Howard Hardiman and Sarah Gordon Book: one of two King Edward is on the throne, The British Empire we once knew is collapsing under its own weight, and those with power […]

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Read: Amity Blamity #1

February 21, 2011 Michael Nimmo 0

Meet Gretchen & Chester. Gretchen is a shy 4 year old and Chester is a potbellied pig. They live with Gretchen’s Grandma and listless Uncle Downey in rural America. Mistaking their afternoon activity of playing […]

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Spotlight: Transformers: Nefarious

October 2, 2010 Michael Nimmo 0

Transformers: Nefarious #1 The sequel to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen starts here! What is The Initiative? More to the point, why doesn’t the all-seeing SOUNDWAVE know anything about it? How did they come to […]

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iPad: Thomas Wogan is Dead

September 9, 2010 Michael Nimmo 3

British Comics blog DownTheTubes have announced that UK based publisher Tabella Publishing have released their first iPad comic – Thomas Wogan is Dead. Thomas Wogan is not really the sort of character you’d expect anything […]

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