IDW: Transformers, GI:Joe & Silent Hill

IDW have released their next batch of comics available for iPhone and iPad. I have been keeping up with ‘Transformers: Nefarious’ and ‘Kill Shakespeare’ and am glad to see that IDW have been keeping their promise about the release schedule of new print comics to digital.

Silent Hill: The Grinning Man

Silent Hill: The Grinning Man

Scott Ciencin (w) Nick Stakal (a)

For ten years, State Trooper Robert Tower has patrolled mist-enshrouded Silent Hill and never seen its nightmarish, demonic creatures. But now the gun-slinging double-barreled terror known as the Grinning Man has arrived. Horror is unbound and innocents caught in its explosive crossfire. For Tower, it’s going to be a HELL of a last day. This volume of horror, inspired by Konami’s hit videogame series, is penned by Silent Hill scribe Scott Ciencin and illustrated by Nick Stakal (Hyde, Containment) and features a collaborative cover by Ben Templesmith and Alex Garner.

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Dragon Age #3

Orson Scott Card, Aaron Johnston (w) Mark Robinson, Humberto Ramos (a)

Their family dead, Gleam and her brothers Agmo and Datlin strike out on the road to find the killers. But after magically healing her brother Agmo during a fight Gleam draws some unwanted attention, from the dwarf Minderel as well as a group of murderous blood demon disciples of the Man of Light!

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G.I. JOE: Cobra #7

Christos N. Gage (w) • Sergio Carrera (a) • Antonio Fuso (c)

Because you demanded it…THE ORIGIN OF CROC MASTER! He dreams strange, green dreams, and the story of how this herpetophilic (look it up) misanthrope became the man he is and joined up with Cobra will make your skin crawl. Also: the IDW debut of yet another classic Cobra character you never thought you’d see again!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

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TRANSFORMERS: Nefarious #6

Simon Furman (w) Carlos Magno (a)

The fate of the entire planet teeters in the balance as OPTIMUS PRIME makes a fateful decision; a no-win scenario he never thought he’d have to face… again. Cover-to-cover searing battle action and truly epic stakes, the sequel to Revenge of the Fallen concludes—and how!

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G.I. JOE: Origins #18

Chuck Dixon (w) Alex Cal, Tom Feister (a)

“The Origin of Zartan,” Part 3: The origin of the killer chameleon of COBRA concludes! Zartan is on the run from COBRA in the back alleys of a European metropolis. They must capture the elusive agent before he escapes forever. But Zartan has no intentions of letting COBRA off that easy. This three-part arc comes to its bloody conclusion.

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Witch and Wizard #4

Dara Naraghi (w) Victor Santos. Fabio Moon (a)

Back at Garfunkle’s, Whit finds a spell that might counteract the Breach Device being used by the New Order to try to destroy the resistance. Whit joins Wisty and the other kids on the rooftop in order to cast a “curse” spell that may help tip the odds in their favor. Heeding the call to arms, the young rebels encounter scores more troops entering Shadowland. As this huge battle rages on, the future of our heroes lies in the balance as this action-packed first adventure reaches its climax.

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