Never Mind The Bullets – An HTML5 Comic

For those of you who love your coding and comics, have a look at Never Mind The Bullets. Its a scrolling animated comic made in HTML 5.

As the web and its technologies continue to evolve, we prepare to enter the age of HTML5. Created for «Beauty of the Web» in honor of the launch of Internet Explorer 9, «Never Mind the Bullets» offers the traditional comic strip experience enriched by the effects of parallax. By a simple movement of the mouse the strip becomes animated and the story comes to life. The story unfolds at LongHorn Gush, a quiet town troubled by a band of outlaws that call themselves «The Red Bandanas». However, with the arrival of the famous Bill «One Shot» Collins things are about to change…

The running can be frustratingly slow at times, but as a proof of concept, its a good idea! With new mediums to read comics you need someone to start the ball rolling….

Over at the WhiteChapel Forum, where I frequent there were the following comments including some from Warren Ellis himself:

That basically died on my laptop.

Others included….

I like the potential more than the actual product…

Bloody hell that’s slow on my computer. A total non-starter.

(A case for Flash here: I’d be able to see the whole thing and not have my computer grind to a halt.)

It’s not your computers, I’m here on a machine with 12 GB RAM, a fast processor and a very high end gaming graphics card, connected to a fiber optic high speed internet provider, and that comic crawls like a dehydrated snail riding an arthritic turtle.

That has to be one of the worst HTML5 pages I’ve ever seen.

Here is a demo that is animated even a bit more elaborately than that kludgey comic, and look how much better it performs on your machines.

The Webcomic Overlook also have some notes – I have seen the future and it won’t stop moving

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