WOWIO: Zero Hunters, Moses & Supernatural Law

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Supernatural Law: Tales from the Vault

Published in honor of the 15th anniversary of Exhibit A Press and the 30th anniversary of Wolff & Byrd, this book contains samples of material from all the series’ incarnations: the original weekly newspaper strip that appeared in The National Law Journal, the one-page magazine stories, the comic book stories, and the webcomic–including a previously unpublished five-page Mavis comic book story.

One of the rarities included is a Wolff & Byrd story drawn by Batton and inked by Steve Ditko that appeared in Topps Comics’ “Satan’s Six.”


The story of the man God raised up to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt.

Written by Michael Pearl. Illustrated by Danny Bulanadi and Clint Cearley.

Zero Hunters: Dravald 01

The prequel to “Zero Hunters” is here in a four issue mini-series titled “Zero Hunters: Dravald.” See how Dravald became a vampire and also the talked about first meeting between he and Garrick (named Tristan Macready in his first life) back in a time long ago.

This issue: The groundwork is laid for Dravald to travel down the dark path he will as he meets Tristan for the first time.

Wonderland 2009 Annual: The House of Liddle

In the first ever Wonderland annual Dan Wickline (“30 Days of Nights,” and Zenescope’s “1001 Arabian Nights”) brings you a tale of madness and horror unlike any seen before in the pages of Zenescope’s hit Wonderland series.

Once upon a time a young girl named Alice went to a place called Wonderland. It was a place that wasn’t very nice. She came back and had a nice little family and then her daughter, Callie went to Wonderland too and soon their nice little family was no more. Now a new family has moved into the Liddell house but Wonderland is still there trying to get out. And it doesn’t like the new tenants.


From the company behind some of the best horror and fantasy comics in stores today comes a brand new anthology series. Blending horror, fantasy and science fiction Zenescope Entertainment brings you a frightening view of the not so distant future with a series of incredible 48 page one-shots. When a lonely, socially awkward man named Andy Wussler purchases a cybernetic girlfriend he soon realizes that buying love can have dire consequences.

Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre 01

This is the very first issue of the Wolff & Byrd/Supernatural Law comic book series. In this story, “Herbert Has Risen from the Grave,” attorneys Alanna Wolff and Jeff Byrd represent a couple who have used the fabled monkey’s paw to make a wish that goes terribly wrong. This issue also introduces a long-running W&B client: Sodd, the Thing Called It.

2048 Volume 01

A story of America’s future when scientists have created human-ape chineras.

This comic is rated PG for mature content.

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