What’s Up With Ultimate Thor on the Marvel App?

Marvel seem to have had a problem with the Ultimate Comics: Thor #2.

This morning I fired up my apps, to see what I could download this week. seeing the Thor issue was available, and wanting to be on a par with print readers I downloaded it.

I paid for it, read it and enjoyed it.

Following that I saw a tweet from Rich Johnston from Bleeding Cool asking about it – if anyone could see it on the app. I answered that I read it, but as I answered I realised that it was no longer in my app list!

Now, the following has to be made clear:

  • This has happened before – Comixology accidentally released some Marvel titles in the UK when they shouldn’t – I downloaded them and read them. They were removed and when everything with Marvel was sorted, I could read them again!
  • The Thor Comic seem to be unfinished – no sliding panels – just scans of the page, which I could double-tap and zoom in on. This too has happened before – with Dracula Vs King Arthur. Comixology soon updated the file to allow panel scrolling.
  • I tweeted Marvel and Comixology for any information Ryan Penagos (Agent M) didn’t seem to know about it, but assured me that they will look into it.
  • No news from Comixology yet!
  • Aha! According to Bleeding Cool, it was released too early, so if you want it spoiled click the more button below!
  • As soon as its available again or I hear more, I will post some more….

The issue itself was a good issue and some spoilers after the break:

The art continues to be amazing and this issue seemed to work at a better pace than the previous issue. The story about the connection between Thor, Odin, The Hammer & The Nom Stones is now clearer and in a nice twist the identity of Zemo!

In this issue, Thor’s history and thoughts of himself are revealed – he is not as sure of himself as the 616 version and Loki is not the mischievous version, more a chaos bringer.

The threads are all crossing here – we have the end of the war with the Ice giants and Thor and Loki’s role in that, also present day, with Thor being analysed by Brian Braddock and the European team and then there is the invasion of Zemo and the Nazi, with some Ice Giant help.

In the distant past, we see Loki’s worries on what is to come next, now the Ice Giants are defeated, And his conversations with his mother. Odin reveals that Ragnarok is real, it will come and he will die. He has implated a bit of himself into the Nom Stones and Thor’s Hammer.

In the near past, Zemo makes it past the guardian of Asgarde with a bow and arrow, to allow the ice giants and Nazi’s to invade – it is here – at the end, that we discover that Zemo is Loki! – Wow!

In the future, it is established that Thor is not delusional, nor making the stories up, but actually remembering.

In all a well packed issue, and I hope I can get it back on my app soon to re-read it!

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