WOWIO: Top 10 Comics, Surviving The Damned and more

Top 10 Comics
1. Sore Thumbs 01
Owen Gieni and Chris Crosby
2. Velocity #1
Ron Marz, Kenneth Rocafort & Sunny Gho
3. Wanted 01
Mark Millar, J.G. Jones, Paul Mounts
4. Broken Trinity #1
Bryan Edward Hill, Rob Levin & Alessandro Vitti
5. Digital Visions 04
Sam Johnson, A. David Lewis, Karl Altstaetter & Robert Napton
6. Witchblade 80
David Wohl, Brian Haberlin, Michael Turner
7. House of the Muses 01 – The…
Pam Harrison
8. +EV 01
Bobby Crosby and Tiger Claw
9. Beauty Queen: The Story of…
Ben Avery
10. The Uniques 01
Comfort Love and Adam Withers

Surviving The Damned 01

When Samantha woke up this morning she thought that she was in for another torture filled day of school. What Samantha wasn’t thinking was that the world was about to change and nothing would ever be the same again.

“Surviving the Damned” takes Samantha, a 14 year old student and forces her to change body and soul to host a being of pure evil. While Samantha goes through her change Tommy, one of Samantha’s classmates must find a way to survive and make sense of what is happening.

This is not a story about defeating the Ultimate Evil and saving the world. Hard decisions will be made and no one will ever be safe again.

High School Heroes

“High School Heroes” is about a group of super-powered teens, dealing with the drama of high school while becoming acquainted with their newfound powers.

Zoey Zeta and The Sisters of Power, Book 01

When the Zeta sisters decided to keep their super powers a secret from the world, they had no idea that a sinister menace would appear and threaten to drive Century City into ruin. Now it’s time for the sisters to team up, crack up and battle the evil Dr. Impossible and some giant robots. But the Zeta sisters aren’t the only ones with a powerful secret and what they discover in their first adventure together, may make it their last.

“Zoey Zeta and the Sister of Power, Family Secrets,” is the hilarious new all-ages series from author Robert Simon and illustrator Tomomi Sarafov. Get ready for an action-packed adventure starring three powerful little girls with big powers, big attitudes and big adventures.

Echoes of Eden Volume 01

A television star is murdered in Cambodia while researching a story on snake worship and its connectedness to religions throughout the world. His grieving college-professor brother goes to Asia to retrieve his body and search for clues on what really happened, but he soon joins force with an idealistic young woman fighting another evil. Written by Marvin Olasky with art by the team of Mario Ruiz, Edward Bola, and Zach Matheny.

Fist Full of Magic

In the old west things seem normal to everyone but Daniel Page, also known as Red. Gods walk among men and mythical creatures but only Daniel knows all isn’t right. His memory is in fragments and he has an unexplained ability to summon another pair of arms. All would be great if he could just remember how he got it. Stay plugged in as the mystery and adventure unfolds.

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Review: Hawk The Slayer #5

August 10, 2022 Michael Nimmo 0

From Rebellion comes the last in this mini-series. This is Hawk The Slayer #5. UK and DIGITAL: 10 August £3.99 NORTH AMERICA: TBC $6.50 DIAMOND: TBC Don’t miss the all new comic-book sequel to the classic eighties fantasy […]

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