Graphic.Ly: Harbor Moon, Syndrome, Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer

Here are the books we released in the past week highlights include:

New Comics

Harbor Moon #1-4
Spoke Lane Entertainment

Timothy Vance takes a trip to out-of-the-way Harbor Moon, Maine in search of a man named Andrew O’Callaghan. The man is nowhere to be found and it doesn’t seem the town takes kindly to strangers.

Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #1-5
Top Cow

The Hunter-Killer team’s directive to hunt down and detain rogue Ultra-Sapiens bring them head to head with the CyberForce team in a brutal showdown that leaves more than one member bleeding. But who is manipulating these two teams into conflict and to what end?

Syndrome GN

When a rogue neuropathologist makes a startling breakthrough-isolating the root of all evil in the recesses of the human brain-he’ll stop at nothing to advance his theory. With the help of a naive actress, a tormented motion picture designer and a condemned serial killer, Dr. Wolfe Chitel launches a bold experiment in the Nevada desert, the outcome could transform humanity forever.

12 Gauge
Magus #1
R.P.M. #1

Jesus Hates Zombies GN

5th Dimension
Armor X #1-4

Andy Moore Designs
Don’t Panic #3

Artesia V1 #1-3
Syndrome GN
The Grave Doug Freshly #4-5
The Killer V2 HC
The Secret History V1 HC
God Machine V1 HC
Moon Lake GN
Return of the Dapper Men GN

Sonic the Hedgehog #220
Archie #616
Archie and Friends #145
Jughead #202-204

Carpe Chaos
Strength in Numbers

Comix Tribe
Over #3

Devils Due
Supreme: The Return #1-4

Raw Studios
Alien Pig Farm 3000

Spoke Lane Entertainment
Harbor Moon #1-4

Studio Comix
The Six Faces of a Dice #1 (German, Japanese)

The Scream Factory
Bump #1-4
Death Walks the Street #0-1

Top Cow
Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer #1-5

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