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Venger Prime 01

On a quiet Sunday afternoon, Aaron Cash was driving on his way home from a visit to his mother. Along the way through a wooded area, he witnesses the crashing of an alien craft. Aaron approaches the fallen alien craft and is teleported into the ship where he is met by an alien named Zardius Prime, who warns him of an impending doom that shall soon fall upon his world.

Trusting Aaron, he gives Aaron a special item and tells him to activate it when the time is right. Meanwhile, in deep space, The Ky’lar (the threat in which Zardius warned Aaron about) makes their way close to earth and dispatch a spy droid to spy upon Zardius and kill him. The droid informs the Ky’Lar that Zardius has made contact with a human (Aaron) and then send the droid to capture Aaron. The droid hunts down Aaron after a long chase through downtown Edge City and then Zardius appears to rescue Aaron. While Zardius and the droid do battle, Aaron activates the item and is transformed into a powerful being. Thus Venger Prime is born.

Transformed into a powerful guardian, Aaron Cash begins his journey after receiving the power of the “Prime”.

TALES OF ASUNDA Silver Blood, Issue 0

The cold sea wind whistles and moans through the narrow dock alleys of Asarra Bay, where walls are stained with tales of death dealing and other such sins. Here is where we find our hero, under the watch of the Silver Moon: Skarlok Two Hearts, King of the Morkai, and Bane of Human Kind. A man will die this night. Discover the world of Asunda through the eyes of an assasin, in a land far from home.

Creephunter 01

Creephunter and celebrity monster hunter Bobby Carter fights the paranormal and demonic.

After facing a hoard of filthy zombie squatters, he follows a mysterious murder mystery.

Wrath of the Titans

For years, the land of Argos has been at peace. The legendary hero Perseus has taken the crown and guided the kingdom into a new era of prosperity and good fortune. And with the news that an heir has been born, puts the citizens in a celebratory mood. Yet lurking in the shadows are forces of hate and discontent that threaten to wreak havoc on Argos and destroy Perseus. “Wrath of the Titans” revisits the magical world of Ancient Greece where gods and myth are part of life’s everyday fabric and heroes are forged by great and powerful events.

BILLY BOY The Sick Little Fat Kid No. 01

“BILLY BOY The Sick Little Fat Kid,” is a journey into the insane mind of a young overweight kid and his adventures in his sick and twisted world. Done in a style of classic cartoons such as Fleischer and old Warner Brothers, “BILLY BOY The Sick Little Fat Kid” is done in a very cinematic and cartoony style. This issue features “Slingshot Madness” where Billy gets into some trouble when he and Teddy shoot up Old Mrs. Pine’s house with their brand new wrist rocket. In “Swamp Jitters” Billy is on the runn from a giant spindly insect. And finally in “Bad Charm Bill” our pudgy star gets caught up in the black arts…and it doesn’t end with a smile!

Tears Under StarLight – Issue 01

Maldori is a land in ruin. Seven years after a devastating war ended, economic and social unrest now run rampant. The nobles, those who should have been working to rebuild their kingdom, instead struggle with each other over what little remains, like dogs fighting the last torn scraps of a meal.

For Quinn, born as a legacy of the war, saving his homeland has become his life’s work. But as the Powers That Be set their plans in motion, what place does any pawn have but to be fodder in their secret wars? Even as their machinations may save Maldori or send it screaming into the Abyss.

Extinct 01

A small town gets taken over by werewolves. It’s up to a few teens to make them EXTINCT.

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Review: Hawk The Slayer #5

August 10, 2022 Michael Nimmo 0

From Rebellion comes the last in this mini-series. This is Hawk The Slayer #5. UK and DIGITAL: 10 August £3.99 NORTH AMERICA: TBC $6.50 DIAMOND: TBC Don’t miss the all new comic-book sequel to the classic eighties fantasy […]

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