Bleeding Cool’s Digital Comics Chart

Over at Bleeding Cool, I am participating in a digital experiment – Looking at sales for digital comics over all platforms. This months may be a little off as it was down to recolection, but next months should be interesting!

To my mind, there weren’t any surprises in this list!

This is the first attempt at a digital comic book chart covering the English-speaking comics industry. It is flawed – self selecting, based on recall, but it does cover Marvel, DC and IDW apps, ComiXology, iVerse, Graphic.Ly, even PDFs, anywhere you can pay to download a comic book. This is the top ten (okay, top eleven) paid digital comics downloaded in January 2011.

1.       The Walking Dead #80 (Image)

2.       Justice League: Generation Lost #18 (DC)

3.       Irredeemable #19 (Boom)

4.       Justice League: Generation Lost #17 (DC)

5.       Morning Glories #5 (Image)

6.       Morning Glories #6 (Image)

7=      Invincible Iron Man #2 (Marvel)

7=      Invincible Iron Man #3 (Marvel)

7=      Invincible Iron Man #4 (Marvel)

7=      Invincible Iron Man #5 (Marvel)

7=      Invincible Iron Man#6 (Marvel)

Bubbling under: Invincible #76, Morning Glories #4, Incorruptable #12 and The Boys #1-4

I’ll be working on App Share and Publisher Share, both in units and in money, later this week.

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