Devil’s Due Publishing now on Kindle App

Thanks to Major Spoilers for this one!

Devil’s Due has announced it is putting select titles on the Kindle App on iTunes and Android devices that will allows fans of the publisher to purchase and read comics digitally.

All of the titles are compatible with Amazon’s Kindle for PC, Kindle for all Apple devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac, and iPad), Kindle for Android, and Kindle for BlackBerry.

Not recommended for the standard black and white Kindles – for devices with color screens only.

Currently available:

·       A Bit of Madness (9781933160931)
·       Clive Barker’s Tapping The Vein (9781933160405)
·       Drafted Volume 1, Issue 1 (9781933160382)
·       Dream of Rarebit Fiend (9781933160481)
·       Growing Old With B.C. (9781933160009)
·       Hack/Slash: First Cut (9781933160290)
·       Hellraiser Volume 1 – 3 (9781933160306/9781933160863)
·       Judgment Day (9781933160375)
·       Star Trek Volume 6 (9781933160092)
·       Supreme: Story of the Year (9781933160177)
·       Supreme: The Return (9781933160313)
·       The Trouble With Girls Volume 1 (9781933160894)
·       The Trouble With Girls Volume 2 (9781933160917)
·       Voltron: Revelations (9781933160849)
·       X-Files Vol. 1 – 3 (9781933160856/9781933160160/9781933160320)
·       Barack the Barbarian: Quest for The Treasure of Stimuli

The press release noted that Hack/Slash: Death by Sequel and Star Trek Volume 2 will appear soon.

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