Review: Little Girl #4

February 7, 2019 Michael Nimmo 0

The final issue of this horror mini series from Devil’s Due Comics is here, and here are my thoughts on the finale! The chilling, heart-rending final issue of Little Girl is here. Abby May faces […]

Review: Little Girl #2

September 28, 2018 Michael Nimmo 0

Now that her murder spree has begun, nothing will quell the fires of Abby May’s vengeance. As this tortured spirit continues her journey to find the man and woman responsible for her death, she finds […]

Review: Little Girl #1

July 14, 2018 Michael Nimmo 0

When a cursed stuffed animal is given to an unknowing victim, the spirit of Abby May, a vengeful little dead girl, lashes out blindly at the living. However, as Abby’s bloodlust leads her back to […]

Devil’s Due On iOS

October 28, 2011 Michael Nimmo 0

Devils Due join the melee on the iOS bringing Digital Comics to your iPad, iPhone & iPod! That’s a lot of apps! DEVIL’S DUE DIGITAL ANOUNCES RELEASE OF OVER 50 IPAD, IPHONE, AND IPOD TOUCH […]

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