Link: ICv2 Talks to Archie’s Jon Goldwater

Archie seem to be getting about – here is an interview from ICv2 with their CEO – Check out the rest here

ICv2 caught up with Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater, who graciously consented to take the time to discuss the numerous initiatives that he has undertaken since gaining control in June of 2009 of the company his father co-founded. Goldwater has been perhaps the most aggressive comic publisher in exploring the digital realm, and he has managed to score some signal successes in paper publishing as well, for example launching a successful magazine program in an era in which newsstand magazines have the mortality rate of lemmings on a cliff.

Archie recently announced going day and date with its full line. What do you say to retailers who feel that the Archie’s digital offerings represent direct competition, selling the same content at a lower price through a different channel?

Basically, for Archie right now, we’re newsstand-driven and from our viewpoint it’s really a different customer. There’s the digital customer and there’s the retail customer, so we really don’t look at them as overlapping customers whatsoever. It’s a very rare customers who going to not buy the print because they’ve gotten the digital. The people who want the print version, they always find a way to get that. That’s what we’ve found out through all our fans and through all the research we’ve done here at Archie comics that we don’t see having any negative impact whatsoever for our retail partners. We value them greatly. They are our life blood and we do everything we can to support them and we will continue to do so.

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