Review: Slaughterman’s Creed

Slaughtermans Creed Logo. Copyright Cy Dethan and Stephen Downey

Slaughterman’s Creed
Writer – Cy Dethan
Pencils – Stephen Downey
Colours – Vicky Stonebridge
Inks – Andy Brown
Letters – Nic Wilkinson
Covers – Ryan Brown
Publisher – Markosia

Sidney is a professional killer working for Big Lenny Addison, a London ganglord specialising in human trafficking. He is almost completely uneducated except in his family’s trade – at which he is an unparalleled expert.

When he is called upon to breach his code and bring a pregnant woman to slaughter, Sidney’s world is changed forever. Betrayed by those he has served his whole life, the Slaughterman embarks on a bloody vendetta – determined to bring Addison’s entire monstrous empire to the blade.

  • Blood
    This is old school – dark story telling. this is the London gangster scene without the rose tinted glasses. Brutal and grim we get the set up nicely wrapped up in a single issue. There is some tight story telling here, which establishes all the key players in the story. This is what you need to start a story of this quality off – you already know the outcome for the end of the issue, but you keep going through anyway. There are some excellent angles with the art and it really gets you inside some of the scenes – rather than someone looking from afar.
  • Mercy
    Things heat up here, in more ways than one! The pace quickens and we get a look into the mindset of the characters in a method that doesn’t give away too much. Mr Green is an excellent character and very well deigned – in terms of art and story. The cliffhanger hits you very suddenly, but is, in retrospect, not unexpected.
  • Pain
    The start of ‘Pain’ kicked off in a direction I didn’t expect – and finished it too! We get a different look at Mr Green and the gang in general. There are politics within the gang and more going on beneath the surface. The art is grand and the action and torture scenes are excellent.
  • Sudden Blow
    This is where it all starts coming together – a well written series like this is comes together like a jigsaw – by the end of this penultimate issue, you’ve got some edges, some corners and some bits of sky, there are still parts to put together, but you know where you’re going!
  • Death
    The final act. There are some excellent scenes here, with some brilliant flashback art, done in distinct styles. With a climatic ending, everything comes into place and you have your full gangster revenge series.

This is a series to be read and enjoyed – grim and dark Cy Dethan, Stephen Downey & Nic Wilkinson have brought together an epic tale in 5 parts – you can’t put this story down in any format, and you want to keep on reading. I hope to see more from this team in the future as their quality shines through!

Slaughterman’s Creed is a 5-issue mini-series:

  • Blood
  • Mercy
  • Pain
  • Sudden Blow
  • Death

Slaughterman’s Creed is due out in May 2011.

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